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about sleeping

sorry you all on here l hope lm not been a nuisance l don't mean to be but this question goes back to my first problem about the choking well when lm a sleep as l said l wake up choking and what l mean to have said when this happens l am litruilly choking l have to get someone to pat me on the back to get my breathing again so when l say l wake up choking it is actually choking sorry to be a pain l just thought by explaining it clearer so that you all have a idea of what lm explaing hope this is a more clearer picture

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Minkymoo, why don't you ring the BLF nurses and ask advice? They will know what questions to ask. x

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Hi Minkymoo

maybe have a look at this site

Hope you can get some answers minkymoo. I must admit that Pete does wake up choking sometimes and can get very panicky. He has been tested for sleep apnoea but has heard nothing. We will ask about the results when we next go to hospital later this month as would be good to know. I think in Pete's case he has mucus in the throat sometimes which causes him to choke. He has copd and sarcoidosis but, touch wood, is doing well at the moment. Good luck to you. Love, Carole xxx

hi carol thanks for the reply yes it realy is scarey it started about 5 mth ago but didn't think much about it but then sunday morning it happened twice within minutes of each attack but going to see doctors love marie xx

I get a gasping for breath while am asleep not so much choking. do you have a sticky chest as well?

no not as bad as l suppose it could be but this choking business is getting a bit to much but lm seeing my doctor on Monday so see what he has to sy about it

hope it goes well

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