Hi all, Still waiting for those new lungs, but in the meantime :-

Hi all, Still waiting for those new lungs, but in the meantime :-

Thought I would go and watch Hereford Utd play Aldershot Town tonight even though the weather isn't great. Its been raining all afternoon so this should test the new drainage system and playing surface to its limits. Its gonna be a night for the long ball and bundle the ball into the net in anyway possible, :) , it won't be pretty but it'll beat staying in and watching Coronation St eh'

Tony Come on Hereford!!!!

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  • I would be backing Aldershot - used to live near there. Even better

    if it was tennis!! Stir, stir.

  • Oh dear, Hereford 0 Aldershot 2 , we played the football and the shots scored the goals, dam it!!! Never mind I past the test of a night out in the rain and damp and whats more so did my chest. :)

    What was shocking though was there was some racist comments coming from a few young fans in the home crowd which is something I thought had died out back in the 70s and 80s.

    Talking about Tennis, I haven't ruled out a return to the court one day but for now I'll settle for watching it on TV.

    You backed a winner this time annie but remember there's still the away match to go. Ha Ha .

  • You did say they would PLAY ? Tony

  • We PLAYED!! all right but we didn't score and Aldershot did, twice so, NIL points for us. You can't win um' all eh' King so I'll settle for surviving the damp horrible conditions and be thankful I can still get out and do such things. :)

    Tony Oh Yes 'COME ON HEREFORD'!!!! are you Forest or County

  • Forest and Torquay United. two great teams. Robin Stubbs, Dick Edwards the list is endless of Torquay's great players of yesteryear!

  • Lovely photo,young Tony,did the child bride take it? Ha ha.

    Hope you enjoy your footy,& don't get yourself to wet. xxx

  • Hi Wendells, I did enjoy the football even though we lost 0-2. It rained all night which made for a night of mistakes on the pitch and we made 2 too many. Oh well next time our Keeper will wear his wellies and then maybe he'll save a few of the shots coming his way. :)

    The child bride came too, :) (who still loves you for your comment Ha Ha), with my daughter and her boyfriend so it was good just to get out.

    Tony xxx

  • These family nights out together at Hereford mean so much !

  • Very true King. My wife who was not a football fan before I fell ill promised me while I was in ICU that when I recovered she would come to the football with me. I think she may be regretting that promise now. Ha Ha. I think she enjoys the football now but also the young good looking footballers on display more so. :)

  • Did they win? I support Hereford United as my husband used to before he died. I am not well enough to go to matches but I always look at the results.

  • Hi Tomcat98, Hereford lost 2 nil on a very wet and unpredictable pitch. We created many chances but couldn't finish :( . I live in Malvern so it would be a bit of a trek to Breathe Easy meetings over there as well as football matches so I'll stick with Malverns fit too Breathe which is mainly exercise but also very informative too.

    I'm pleased to have another Bulls fan on the site and hopefully I can report a win next time out. :)


  • Have you thought about coming to Breathe Easy meetings?

  • You're right, Malvern would be a bit far to come. Hope Hereford have some wins soon.

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