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On the 3rd of September ,as a member of EMAS and representing Breathe Easy Nottingham I attended the EMAS AGM and Open day in Derby

The AGM was short and to the point:-

Ambulance times are up but still need to be improved and a programme has been put in place to achieve this.

A further 80 new ambulances have been ordered. They are slightly wider and have a longer wheelbase. This will allow patients up to 35 stone to be moved by sturdier wheelchairs and carried comfortably in the vehicles. They will all carry state of the art equipment.

Crisis Falls Response Team demonstration;

I was asked to be a fall victim for the demonstrations

The first involved lying on my back on the floor(took me ages to get down).The Paramedics put a cushion under my bum and proceeded to pump it to a level for transferring to a chair with the minimum of discomfort.

The second involved me getting back down onto the floor, having two sheets slid underneath me by the Paramedics These were then strapped up and a hoist attached which lifted me up to standing.

When the two young lady paramedics were told my weight(?) they were astounded at how easy it was to lift someone of my size with this new equipment.

There was an ECG(heart monitor) demonstration. No not me, I didn't want to be shaved!

A CPR & Recovery Position demonstration by Community First Responders.

There were lots of stands full of excellent information but there was one that caught my eye.

How they visit play/primary schools with pictures and crayons for the children to colour in the paramedics and their vehicles. Also box games to play, story books to read . Being able to inform the children how they can behave in a crisis so as not to be frightened.

We were treated to a look at the vehicles on display, bicycle, motorbike, paramedic response car, doctor's car

modern ambulance and Ambulance Heritage vehicles.

Outside of just being paramedics they do a lot of good work in the community.

I was able to talk to some executive and non executive members about Breathe Easy

A date is being considered for EMAS to come and give a talk to BE Nottingham next year.



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Did anyone video it ? It would be interesting to see.


No Video but the photos are due to be posted on Twitter @EMASNHSTrust.Puffthemagicdragon




Hi Richard ,hope you had a good birthday,best of luck in getting someone from EMAS to a breathe easy meeting ,during my stint as secretary I tried ,phone calls, e- mail,letters ,could never get any response from them ,even their so called community liasion team ,hope you have better luck .

best wishes



Hello, hello, hello. Being a member of EMAS I attend their Engagement Committee and Board Meetings. As they say it's not what but who you know. I was actually asked if they could come to a BE Nottingham meeting.


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