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Well that explains it!

Been feeling not my normal unwell for weeks, sometimes finding putting one leg in front of the other almost impossible. Took myself along to GP last Friday, who decided to practise his blood taking skills on me. As suspected I now have Type 2 Diabetes to add to the list, I was close to it last November and have been swallowing 1500mg of Metformin every day in the hope of staving off a diagnosis of Diabetes. Sadly it hasn't worked. To say I am miffed is an understatement, I hardly drink, don't smoke and so sweeties and choccy were my main stays of enjoyment. Have been feeling for awhile that I wasn't comfortable in my own skin anymore, so the time has come to lose some weight. Got on the scales at my Mum in Laws tonight, and if it is to be believed I have lost a stone and hadn't realised it. I live in comfy trousers and clothes and because I am not exactly small I just cannot see it. My breathing is a little better today because of it being less stuffy due to the rain, but I am still living on 40mg of Pred :( I need to lose weight, not because the doctor has told me so, he has never commented because he understands that high dose steriods and lack of mobility make it difficult.

When I got out with Lottie Dog I don't walk fast, I simply cannot, I get very breathless and tight, I simply cannot build up enough of a pace to make a big difference to burning up calories. I can only swim 10 lengths very gently over about 30 minutes so that would have little impact on weight loss too. I am never going to be a stick insect again, and I will never climb mountains again, or do 20 mile cycle rides. I just want to do enough exercise that I can manage some weight loss. I don't want a heart attack later in life because of uncontrolled diabetes, or any other potential issues that this condition brings. I have lost two friends in their thirties to Diabetes and understand the devastation this disease can cause if not cared for properly.

But how the dickens to you manage weight loss when your mobility is badly affected. I have already made changes to my diet though I am not dieting because that is a sure way to fail if I say I am on a diet. I am going to have to eat more regular meals to manage sugar levels, and I just find it all a bit much to take in at the moment. If anyone out there outstands my dilemma and can give me some useful tips to manage weight loss and exercise please let me know.

Love you all Daxie Mad and Lottie Loo

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Oh Daxiemad how frustrating for you! I have some of the same problems trying to exercise off the weight whilst unable to do much at all. I do watch what I eat and my appetite is very small - tending towards savoury rather than sweet - but I am still growing, slowly but surely!


Oh Dixiemad I feel for you. I'm in a similar situation I have lupus so I am often in pain and like you find it hard to exercise. I am thinking of joining slimming world. I never had a weight problem up to diagnose I was always a size 10 in the last 4 years I've gone slowly up to a size 14 and if I don't do something about it I'm going to be a 16 very shortly.


Slimming World is good - but like everything, only works if you do it properly ! As a carer I find it very difficult to get the right amount of exercise (of the right kind) and I had let myself go somewhat this year, put on a stone since january and I was too heavy then. I love baking, that's been my therapy - but I eat it too! I found the SW classes really good, but can't get to them so joined online - I think that would only work if you'd done it before and understood the principles. So far 9 lbs down in 8 weeks, but as usual progress is slowing.......and only 16 weeks to Christmas and al lthat lovely food ! Good luck both........


I do feel for you Daxie as life is not easy for you and others so losing weight is very difficult but not impossible. I am a carer for Pete and just used to sit around eating and feeling a bit stressed but have lost 3 stone now. I do not have breathing problems or diabetes but do believe that smaller portions or little and often is the way forward. You will obviously have to now watch your sugar intake so that should help and you have already lost a stone.

You can do some gentle exercise just sitting in a chair and of course, walking the lovely Lottie is definitely a help. Any movement is better than none so onward and upward I say. Do let us know how things go for you as it is lovely to hear from you always. Take care and thinking of you. Love, Carole xxxx


Hi Daxie

Losing weight can seem so difficult. I had been overweight for some while and did do 'diets' but no success, Id lose a bit then put it back on again....that was two years ago.

I have now lost two stones since then....I don't 'diet' as such, I just cut back on a few things, I eat less cheese, less chocs and don't use butter / spreads as much. It has been slow weight loss, two stones over two years, I'd like to lose another stone and I think I will, in time. I think slowly losing weight, which can mean 3lbs off, one lb on is the best way. It should not feel like you are punishing yourself.

If you have lost a stone then you must be doing something right, just cutting down a bit will in time make the difference.

Good luck!!



First of all,congrats to you Daxie,you have done well,so take the credit for it!

I can understand your being frustrated,becoming diabetic,is not what you needed after everything else.

I think you have been given great advice though,smaller plate,to put your food on,is what I used,& chopping up carrot sticks,celery etc in the morning,all ready in the fridge,for when I wanted to snack,along with lots of nice fruit.Very important,dont forget the water,that made a real difference to me,as I was a bit lazy about that previously.

Like you I love baking,& tasting it,lol!

Have you been to the classes for diabetics? A friend of mine went,& she makes beautiful deserts,& cakes etc that she learnt from their classes.

Good luck with it all,better days ahead for you,I hope,

Love to you & Lottieloo,& remember any exercise is better than none,even sitting & doing it! xxxx


Thanks guys, for all your replies, shall be seeing diabetic nurse next Thursday, have already been eating less. I admit to overeating and being a picker (who wears bigger knickers), I am my own worst enemy where food is concerned, in the past have used it as a therapy to cheer me up. Sure you heard of the jaffa cake advert that goes, whole moon, semi eclipse, then total eclipse, well I do whole moon then straight to total eclipse. Many moons ago I was 23 stone, 17 now, but at only 5ft 2 I know that is way too big. I would like to be 15 again. I know that isn't small, but I looked reasonable at that size.


A bit late in the day to answer, Daxie, but good to hear from you and little LottieDog. Weight is such a bind. I have been reading all the replies advising. I see you are on Metformin which caused my friend to lose weight at one point. Really pleased to hear how you are getting on but sorry about the diabetes.


Make sure you get your walks Lottie dog, that will be a big help for your mum. Love Badger.



I'm also trying to lose weight, I force myself out walking whatever the weather, even if its only for 30 minutes, or so it really helps, and clears the mind too.

I don't use any diet foods, as lots of them contain sulphites which set my asthma off, and I've also decided after years of trying them all, that they don't help anyway!

Smaller portions, a smaller plate, and little and often seems to work well, as does the occasional fast day.

It's hard, but maybe draw up a plan of action, set an achievable goal, and some ideas on how you can reach it. I'm trying to lose a stone by December 1st, I'm halfway there in the time it's took and weight loss, with 7lbs to go, I've just written my plan for the week.

Sunday - Pile veg on plate today, have a fruit pudding.

Monday - Pasta tonight- 30 minute walk afterwards

Tuesday - Start to drink more water again. Set alert on mobile to drink a glass of water every hour whilst at work.

Wednesday - Make a big salad for lunch, 30 mins walk

Thursday - Go to pool, walk through water, up a d down for 10 minutes. Then chill out with my book for an hour.

Friday - 30 minutes walk

Saturday - Treat myself to a hot chocolate!

When I have a plan, I do better, and love the satisfaction of striking a red pen through something when I've done it!

Give it a try, you never know...Good Luck! :-)

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