Summer has gone

Hi everyone, well what a change in the weather, needed wellies and brolly to go to nurse today.But on the brighter side we all have the weekend to enjoy. Hope everyone is well as can be. Been busy this week, with family and friends does anyone have special plans for the weekend. I am meeting some friends but otherwise a quite few days are planned recharge the batteries as they say. Have a good weekend everyone

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  • Yes they got the weather forecast right, not doing much this weekend myself hope you have a good one.

  • Spot on forecast as you say rick1

  • Not too bad here katie but a bit damp first thing. No real plans this weekend as Pete's bad back is ongoing so limits him walking around and doing much. Waiting for an MRI scan but Physiotherapist has not written letter as promised so having to chase that now. What a nuisance but never mind. Hope you are doing ok. Love, Carole xxxx

  • Hi sassy59,know what ongoing pain is like, have it in hands and feet. So I can sympathize with your hubby and the added strain to you because of delays for MRI .I have to do small bits at a time then rest or do nothing if illness kicks in. But we still have to keep going, so it's a case of smile and get on with it, hope you get things sorted soon for the MRI best wishes XX

  • Hi Katie, we had rain first thing then sunshine till around 5.30pm, overcast then with a few spots of rain, I have been in the garden planting some spinach and digging out some bind weed root, it has turned colder though, particularly noticeable when the sun goes behind the cloud.

    Tomorrow I am having lunch out with family with a visit to garden centre, then home to relax. Weekend weather some showers forecast but I am thinking we will get some sunshine too.

    Wishing you and all a great weekend whatever the weather :)

    BC x x

  • sounds like my kind of weekend, but don't get to garden centres much these days, no one to take me. Used to have two allotments before I moved to this house, of course I was well then and my husband liked gardening especially eating the produce grown (smiles) used to say you can't eat flowers.

  • Off to the local allotments open day on Sunday


  • Should be a good day out for you, have a meeting today but may do bit of gardening Sunday weather permitting. Enjoy your day

  • Working again. :)

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