I've got a new toy!!!

I've got a new toy!!!

My Liquid oxygen arrived today, until now I've only had portable cylinders when out and about which are quite heavy so I spoke to my respiratory nurse about other options such as liquid oxygen. She said why don't you try it and see, well that was only last week and now I've got it at home to try. My first impressions are that it looks smaller and I can refill the cylinder at home when necessary which is good but then it seems I can't have a conserver fitted because I need 6 litres supply and a conserver will only run up to 4 litres. This means I only get just over 2 hours out of a full cylinder where I get about 4/5 hours from the ready filled oxygen cylinders.with a conserver. I've just weighed the liquid oxy cylinder when full and found it is slightly heavier than the old ready filled cylinder so there's no advantage there. The carrier bag for the liquid oxygen only comes with a single shoulder strap so all the weight is on one shoulder and not spread over both shoulders which seems a little strange.

It seems that the liquid oxygen being smaller in size will be better for transporting around on short trips to the shops but won't be any good on some of my long walks as it will run out quicker and is not so comfortable to carry. Its a lot of weight on only one shoulder and it swings about too.

Hopefully they'll let me keep both types, I'll just have to turn on the old charm and cross my fingers.

I think I could have some fun too with the liquid oxygen to as it hisses and steams at times so this could get some funny comments from passers by when they think I'm on fire or about to explode He He, :)

Anyway I'm just very thank full that portable oxygen exists in any form or life could be very sad indeed stuck at home on the end of a long hose. When I left hospital 3 years ago that was the best I could hope for as they thought my lungs were too badly damaged to ever walk any distance. I love proving them wrong and I think they do too when they see me now.

Tony, Enjoy life everyone as we only get one!!

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  • Woohoo. Well done Tony and good luck with your new found freedom! :-) :-) Alison

  • Thank's Alison, I'm very lucky to have such a great respiratory nurse, she makes things happen. :)

  • Be careful you dont scare the pants off people hissing if you are walking through long grass Tony :D they might think it is a snake LOL



  • Maybe I should change my name to Hissing Sid, I've just mowed my lawn so the grass outside ain't long enough, shame. The neighbours are safe for now!!! :)

  • you will be runn8ing over the hills soon Tony


  • Ant Hills maybe but not the Malvern's just yet

  • Hi Tony - does your liquid oxy. have the 'On Demand' setting ? If it worked for you it would make the tank last twice as long........

    Good luck


  • Forgot to say - the one we have is called Marathon - that comes in a carrying case with two shoulder straps

  • This one was supplied by air products and is a Caire make but the engineer said all their liquid oxygen models only have one strap! I wonder why as it is quite heavy.

  • I hope this works out well Tony and that you get to keep both types. x

  • Hi

    Well done

    They do a lighter version.


    Last on the list.

  • Hi Tony, You have given me a great idea with this oxygen set up, not like you I don't have a pub in any of my walks so why don't I strap 2x2 Litre bottles of GUINESS to my back and Fran can carry the spares in case I run out , Mattcass

  • Sounds like a good plan to me! xx

  • Well what magic,after 3 years,very proud of you,& what a difference when mind over matter works!! So glad you proved them wrong! But appreciate the hard work you would have put in,you are full of guts young Tony!

    Do hope you will be able to use both,I'm sure you'll talk them around lol!

    Don't overdo it though,

    Love Wendells xxx

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