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Bronchiectasis why I get pain and on antibotics for most of the time and why I get breathless

Hello all I got diagnosed with bronchiectasis on the 15-07-2013 at hospital I was in hospital for 2 weeks coz they ran a lot of tests on me coz I was coughing large amounts of blood up and they diagnosed me with this lung infection what I would like to know is why I get pain most of the time and why I get breathless and why I am on antibotics most of the time is there anybody who has this infection and is it curable thanks

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Hullo, Christine, I have bronchiectasis for a long time. Think you need to talk to the BLF nurse on 03000030555. They will be able to answer all your questions. Also contact your respiratory nurse. I cant account for the bleeding or pain. There is a lot of information around -visit the NHS/Boots websites.

Brocnhi can cause a lot of infections. There is isn't a cure but it can be manageable for you to live a normal life.

All the best, Annieseed


Thank you have you had it bad and is there good treatment out there for it but thanks for replying back


There are others far worse than me and younger too. I have never had it badly but it can be a nuisance until you learn to control it and be boss! Loads of help and advice from the tel. no. I have given you.

When the time is right, ask for pulmonary rehabilitation - this will help with your breathing.

When you have got more familiar with all this, ask if you can have an antibiotic rescue pack, and specimen "spit" bottle to be sent to see what antibiotics will help the bug in the spit. In an emergency when the surgery is closed.


Me back again, Christine.

As recommended by another member of the forum:

bronchiectasishelp.org is very informative and help.

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I meant helpful.


Good advice from Annieseed, Christine27. I hope you get this sorted out soon.


I suffer with it on top of copd the only time I get the pain is when I have a chest infection, the breathlessness is part and parcel of both conditions.



Hi Christine

I am so sorry you have bronchiectasis and have recently been coughing up blood (always scary).

Bronchiectasis is not an infection sweet it is a lung condition and whilst it is not curable, it can be quite well controlled if managed well. Bronchiectasis makes us very prone to infections and we have to clear our lungs of as much mucus as we can so it's not laying around getting infected. We need to learn this by seeing a respiratory physiotherapist. Personally I get quite a bit of pleurisy pain, but I would suggest you get the pain checked out. As Ann says breathlessness is part of bronchiectasis.

Antibiotics are used in 2 different ways. There are courses which are used to treat an infection and there are low dose antibiotics (usually taken three times a week or once a day).to help reduce the frequency of infections. These are called prophylactics.

It sounds to me like you would benefit from talking to the nurses at BLF. Next time you see your consultant (and you should have one if you have bronchiectasis) ask him/her to explain anything you don't understand, ask for a referral to a respiratory physiotherapist

Don't panic Mr Mannwaring - I've had bronch 65 years and whilst it is part of my life, it isn't all my life. It's early days for you. Learn all you can. Ask anything - there will usually be someone around with support.

Love cx


That is the advice i myself would have given,i couldn't have put it better myself.Not a nice illness to have but like you i have had it since the age of 1yr old and i am now almost 68yr. Look up to see if there is a Breathe Easy Group in your Area Christine,i am the secretary of my local group and we have all the information to assist us from the hospital clinic,plus our local consultants often come and give us a talk and answer any questions...all very friendly and homely and all in the same boat so we don't feel embarrassed if we start coughing etc..good luck.


Hello Christine, great replies you have above.

I hope you will take their advice and ring the helpline. They too will explain and advise.

Keep coming to have a read of other peoples posts and questions and you will learn lots about lung conditions, breathing techniques and get support.

The blf might give you a list of questions to ask your health practitioners - at mine their is a respiratory nurse who's been so helpful getting me the help (like the Pulmonary Rehab classes), the right medications and much more.

You deserve a little more help from your GP, sometimes they can be out of touch and we need to change to a new one.

Most of all, as the others say, keep asking, them - and us. You have the right to good treatment to manage your condition.

As yet, I don't know mine, get the news 2 September :-)

All the best to you. peeg


Hi I have bronchiectasis and can usually manage ok. I get pain when I have a chest infection. Exercise is key to helping yourself. The BLF helpline can talk you through the condition and the main BLF website has lots of information. Good luck and let us know how you get on.



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