A Big Thank You.mattcass

Hi All, Me and Fran would like to thank you all for replying to my post about my rheumy doc who I will deal with in due time, This has been the best week I've had since January no pain whatsoever from my RA I don't expect it to last as I have to drop the level of steroids over the next 2 months but it was great while it lasted, and we walked 4 mile today I was fine but my DLA care was tired, Ouch!! she saw this.mattcass

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We have to take what we can get, when we can get it and enjoy the hell out of it LOL :) xx

Never underestimate the eyesight of those carers Matt, they will catch you out every time. I'm glad you have had a good week and with any luck it will last a bit longer. I hope so.

Best regards, Bobby

really happy for you that you have had a holiday from the pain. I'm hoping to get away from mine any day soon.

hope yours lasts for a while yet, enjoy the walking whilst it lasts. :)

Anna xxx

MC, you need to duck a little quicker than that, to dodge Frans ear clipping. :) . I hope that pain stay's away now and you can continue with the exercise, as I've always said 4 miles a day keeps that doctor away.


Well done Matt enjoy every moment as I'm sure you do.


Ah that's great Matt. Long may you enjoy a pain free life :)

Bev x

Good to hear Matt,keep enjoying life! xx

Good news mattcass and just live for today. Keep walking and smiling along the way. Wishing you well. xxxx

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