P.I.P. Visit Today - Don't Hold You're Breath!!

After preparing for the home visit today, I received a phone call 1/2 hour ago informing me that it has been cancelled as the 'visitor' is now unavailable! A very disgruntled me let them know I wasn't too happy at such short notice, and it has now been re-arranged for this Friday.

As before - I will fill you in on all the detail - if it ever happens!!

Jean :-)

4 Replies

  • Jayne

    And after you did all that housework too Jayne. Good tip. Don't do too much they might get the idea you are fully fit.

    Bobby xxx

  • How annoying. Would be a different matter if you suddenly cancelled I bet!

  • That's so annoying isn't it Jean? Hope they don't cancel again this Friday!

    Bev x

  • Think I'd be disgruntled too, it is all the getting yourself mentally prepared for appointment, and now having to go through that again. Well I hope it goes well this Friday.

    anna x

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