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Is anyone else confused with the new layout, I just cannot get my head round it, it was so easy before but it just seems to have got a little bit technical, all I want to do is read the posts, answer the questions and write my own post but surfing around the site looking for the things I want to do is confusing especially when him indoors is telling me I have to go out and get fish and chips for his dinner, then go to the paper shop and get him his papers, then go in the garden and cut the hedges as they are getting long again and by the way, the grass needs cutting again as I don't do the job as well as he used to do it.

I only found out how to write this by luck.

I am also not getting emails telling me there are questions and answers on the site, I just had to click on them and hey presto I was there, but now I have to find the site, type in email and username then try and find what I am interested in.

After writing your post it also states 'which category best matches your post.' Then is states 'none of the above' but there isn't any categories above to choose from.

Not happy.

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Hi Sweet. It is confusing at first, but persevere and it gets easier. They are working on several glitches including email alerts.

Lynne xx

I am finding it a lot better, now. I log on from HealthUnlocked. There will be improvements coming along.

Hi I'm not sure I like change in general, but my memory is such rubbish that I am sure I will forget how it used to be, and then I will feel at home here again. - Lots of things will get better here, I am sure, as Health unlocked keep giving little updates telling us they are still working on it.

I don't know if your computer is the same as mine, but in the bar where you write the address, over on the right hand side, I have a star, if you click on the star it opens a box, click on the word 'done' and that gives me a little box under the address bar, then each time I come visit I just have to click on the box and I am here. I do it with all my favorite sites. Hope that helps a bit.

Anna x

Well we seem to be drifting back in gradually and at least it's working better than yesterday, so improving every day.

I am confused Sweetthing, cannot understand why a perfectly good site had to be changed, it was easy especially for the users it was catering for.

Lib x

Hiya Sweetthing. Nice to see you made it back. Us odds and sods have all been drifting back one by one. Still a few missing though.

Bobby xxx

It is rather confusing, & I'm sure we'll all get used to the new way in time. Nice to see you've been able to master some of the new ways :) Judy x

Thanks for your comments, I think I must be a dinosaur, in my opinion, if a thing works well, why change it. This has happened with lots of websites I use and to be honest I stopped using them as there were too many faults on them that had not been ironed out before putting it out for public use.

Perhaps in time I will get used to this new site, but when you have a health condition or are a carer like me, the last thing you want is for things to be made more difficult, you want things to be straightforward.

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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