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I am back, and with a new tattoo!

It's been awhile since I have blogged here, though I have been popping by every couple of days to try and keep up with the news as it were. So why haven't I blogged? Well to be honest been a bit down and anxious, after a visit to the Royal Brompton that went terribly wrong, which left me having my first blown panic attack at South Kensington Tube Station in 15 years or so. I am struggling with the idea of ever having any more admissions to RBH, and so have been doing everything possible to avoid issues relating to my health. I have been looking after my health I assure you, but just haven't felt able to communicate with others who might enquire about my health status.

So in order to make life as normal as possible for me, I have been busy getting involved in another community. And that is the community of those persons who have had tattoos. And I love it, have met some lovely people and cannot resist admiring lots of tattoos. One tattoo was particularly a pleasure because it got to inspect the very tanned abs of a young service man collecting for the armed forces :). I have had my second tattoo a couple of weeks ago, not finished yet, of Lottie's paw print with forget me not flowers placed over my heart. My mother was appalled when she discovered it last weekend, but at age 42 I think I am old enough to know what I am doing. And I took great delight in telling her that I shall be adding to my collection. I have a new tattooist who is a real hoot, totally grungy and plays heavy metal, and I think he is wonderful. I have shocked people in the street who thought apparently I was too prim and proper to do such thing. Just goes to show the saying don't judge a book by it's cover is so true. So once this latest tattoo is finished in a couple of weeks, shall be getting my lovely hubby to design my next one using another daxie's paw print that I have.

Since I last posted I have also become a charity trustee for my local branch of the RSPCA, in due course that will bring other responsibilities into my daily timetable on top of my degree studying. Already I am getting silly requests from certain members like can you please jump in the local river and rescue a duck I saw three hours ago that had a small injury to its head please? You will be surprised what people will expect you to do when they know you have connections with animal rescue, and whilst I love all animal life I do have my limits. Though today whilst at a local coffee shop I along with another lady try to encourage a bumble bee to accept some first aid. Yes you do read that right! If you see a sleepy bee, put down a plate with some tissue (for the bee to rest on) on it along with some water with dissolved sugar into it, some bees are struggling at the moment and this little act of kindness can be a life saver.

Apart from mentioning about the tattoo I haven't said anything about Lottie yet, well Lottie is just fine if a little hot. Lately she has been giving some love and support to people who needed it very much in deed. One day a lady collapsed we knew from our dog walks across the road from us. Whilst we waited for the big yellow taxi with the little green men, Lottie very kindly gave this dear lady some much needed reassurance (The lady has since recovered), Lottie has also received a proposal of marriage from an elderly uncle in hospital, who was a little down, her cuddles did him the world of good. She is still considering his marriage proposal based on how big the diamond in the engagement ring it lol. Though the elderly uncle might have problems getting Lottie's dad to give his blessing to the union as he very much loves her and was making daisy chain necklaces in the garden for her last night. Whilst Lottie has been very loving to people she hasn't been all sweetness and like this week, we have been looking after Jilly Dog who is rather elderly with poor hearing and sight, Lottie has been trying to steal her food and kicking her out of her bed even though she sleeps on the sofa at night. Lottie thinks it is fine to go into other dogs homes and nick their food and beds, but she hates sharing hers when they come to stay. Back to a one dog household for a few days, so peace reigns once again, well at least until tomorrow when husband starts removing the tiles from the bathroom walls. The joys of DIY, it probably won't go to plan.

Love to everyone Daxiemad and Lottie Dog

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Lovely to hear an update on your news Lottie sounds a lot like my yorkie a real character if I remember right,she is like my dog a rescue,

Lots of luck with the animal rescue it sounds like hard work but so rewarding too.

take good care

Julie x


How lovely to hear from you again Daxiemad :)

The tattoo sounds brilliant - will you post a picture when it's all calmed down? It's so funny when people make assumptions about who should and who shouldn't have a tattoo - and it sounds as though your guy is good.

Didn't know that bit about bees, so will try and help one if I find it in trouble, bees are having a hard time of it at the moment. They say if all the bees go we are in big trouble ecologically.

Lottie is just protecting her territory - she's a sweetie normally I'm sure.

Take good care of yourself and let us know more of your fun times. :) xx


That's the best post I've read in ages Dax, so full of interesting things and great to see you making the most of your life. I was just thinking I haven't seen any bees this year, my son is growing chillis and has pollinating them with a paintbrush to help them along, it's definitely working though what he's going to do with all the chillis I have no idea! Well done to you for keeping busy. Libbyx


Hullo, daxiemad. You have been in my thoughts and little Lottie as well. I read your message with big interest. Interested in tattoos but cant get mind around the permanence of them. I have seen people covered in tattoos wherever they can get them. I went along a row of beach huts once and saw tattoos which took me aback. Yours sounds great.

I have wondered about little Lottie, too. Took a shine to that little friend of yours. Think I must have seen a photo somewhere.

Good to see you back. Thanks for a very interesting and well written blog, Daxiemad. xxxx


Honestly don't know how people can cover their bodies in ink!


Welcome back Daxie. I'm Bobby, the good looking one that they all tell lies about. I'm glad you are pleased with your new tattoo. I hope it wasn't my army son's tattoo you were inspecting so closely. lol

Bobby xx


Yikes! Needles!!!! That's me running for cover! My daughter loves her tats too! Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, and empathise with you on the panic attack front. Take care and don't overdo things :)

Sandra x x x


Busy, busy person who has a lovely dog. Nice to meet you.



Hi Daxie, This is Adrian.

Love your post, beautifully written and really interesting. I do like good writing, I must try harder myself. Pleased to meet you too!


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