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Wendells happy update!!

Hallo friends,A Big THANYOU,for all your lovely wishes & prayers,It was so heartwarming to hear from you,sorry I couldent reply individually,but have been in a fog of tiredness!

Hopefully now, I may get a bit more time for myself,& be able to join in once more.

Harry got his b/p & heart rate under control,at last,& is doing so much better. They tell me,if this continues,he will be sent to rehab,sometime this week, for a few weeks,as he is still on the surgical ward at present, even though he was actually operated on, for his new hip,about 2 weeks ago.So we are both feeling a lot happier! Some confusion is still there, they told me they are not sure if its permenant or not,at this stage,time will tell! The wound on his hip, has healed realy well,& he is cooperative with the physio,& doing well with it,walking with them,with the walker.When he gets to rehab, it will be more full on,I think he will do well,with that side of things.

I have been quite pleased with myself,amazing what one can do, when the chips are down!!

I have had so much driving& walking,more importantly,a long way from carpark to hospital,& another long walk,when in the hosptal doors!Became a bit breathless at times, but just stopped, & did the pursed breathing & continued on,thank goodness no chest infections etc.It was noted that I had lost weight,& to my surprise found I had dropped 10 kilos,nothing like a bit of worry to lose weight, but dont recommend it though,not this way!

Was sad to see we lost some good people,hopefully all will be resolved,life is to short for bickering!

Anyway,sorry to have cracked on for so long! Thanks again,

Love you all

Wendells xxxxx

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This is great news Wendells, sounds like Harry is doing well now so make sure you look after yourself, that's a big weight loss but not surprising after all you have been through.

Your so right about the bickering, I try to keep out of it all,I struggle to see why people waste so much time and energy on such trivial things.

Tony xxx


I'm so pleased things are better for you Wendells. You are a star ((((Wendells)))))

Bev xx


So please to hear your good news Wendells, so glad Harry's wound is healing well.

Take good care of yourself and enjoy some special treats, you need to keep your strength up.

Sending you continued get well wishes for Harry and all good wishes for you too.


Life is too short for bickering for sure. Roll on happier days for all.

BC x


I'm glad things are going better. xx


Hi wendells so very pleased things are getting better for you and Harry will keep you in my thoughts and prayers Liz


It's amazing what you can do when you have to, well done wendells. Thinking of you and Harry.

Lib x


I'm so glad things are getting better. Well done for losing weight and managing so well.

Judith x


Isn't it amazing what we can do when we really have no option?

Really pleased to hear your husband is on the mend.



So pleased things are a lot better for you both.Genexx


Delighted to hear that things are vastly better than had been. Your resilience is testamount to your character. Just remember to take some time for you though. Warmest wishes to you both :) xx


Great news Wendells. Light at the end of the tunnel at last :)

Lynne xx


That is good news. I have a fridge magnet that says "A woman is like a tea bag you never know how strong it is until it's put into hot water."


Hi Wendells so pleased to here Harry is on the mend. I am assuming he will be staying in to complete his rehab, will this give you time to relax a little before he comes home, I do hope so. You must look after yourself as well.

Looking at better times :-)

polly xx


Great News about Harry, wont be long till he is out on his bike with me and Tony dall05 and great news about your self 10 kilos lost should and will be easier on your breathing even a little bit as the song says (It Can Only Get Better) mattcass


Great news Wendells good luck to both you and Harry.

Your news is good for all of us.thanks for good post.

Chris xx


Good news, hope things just keep on improving.

A happy post at last.



Best of luck and hope all continues to go well for you and for Harry thanks for the update on Harry and please make sure you look after your self too

Love Julie xx x xx


Great news Wendells and hope things continue to go well. Love to you and Harry. Thinking of you both. xxxx :)


Glad to hear things are improving. Wishing Harry a speedy recovery. Look after yourself TAD xx


That's great positive news to hear Wendells, very pleased for you. Now I hope you can relax a bit, unwind from the stress & worry.

Now do please take extra special care of yourself. Very best to you, Peeg


Great news Wendells, I hope Harry continues to improve - make sure you look after yourself too. Libby xx


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