My RA is dragging me so down ,

Hi all for the last 10 days I think! I've been attacked with my RA this is far worse than I have ever experienced before, talk about trying to get to the toilet on my hands and knees eating and drinking with a straw and just lying crying feeling sorry for myself knowing there is nothing anyone can do for you other than knock you unconscious with drugs, I am on the one and only med I can get for this treatment but I will have to persevere for at least 12 weeks which is the trial period, I just want to get up and start breaking records again I nearly caught up with Tony, Mattcass

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  • hi what can i say but keep on going the pain must be dreadfull for you but sending a big hug dont think it will help much but at least you know we are thinking of you

    take care

    Dorothy xxx

  • Hullo, mattcase, so sorry to hear that you are feeling low and fed up. I think the best thing is to ask for a chat with Helen at the BLF. Now where is that dratted BLF number. Perhaps someone will come up with it.

    I think the best thing you can do is to talk to us, also. It is no good bottling things up. We all have days when we are completely peed off wit everything. Perhaps a return isit to your GP, saying how you feel. Talk freely. Love Annieseed x

  • Hi Annieseed as I said before the 2 forum pages here and NRAS have kept my mind and spirits up no end, and when I get my fingers going I am on the keyboard to all my friends here and the RA page,

  • BLF 03000 030 555

  • HI annie BLF Helpline 03000 030 555 Mon -Fri 10am 6pm.Calls charged a t local rate or they will even phone you back if you like


  • Big hug Mattcassxxxxx

  • OAKGRANGE Thank You. Mattcass

  • Totally rotten for you Matt, sympathies don't cut the mustard but at least you know we are thinking of you - RA is such a horrible thing to have to cope with. Very gentle ((hug)) and hope in time it eases for you :) xx

  • Hi scrobbitty Thank You, mattcass

  • Hi Matt

    I soooo empathise with you - inflam arth is just so draining and limiting. Having a flare with my hands and back at the mo. What medication have they given you Matt which does not effect your lungs if you don't mind me asking, 'cos everything they have given me gives side effects or is unhelpful re lungs.

    I truly hope this medication eases the flare up for you and you soon feel more your old self.

    Love cx

  • hi c thanks for replying, the only drug I can get for my RA is the mildest they have it is Hydroxychloroquine to help with the inflammation only and to ease the pain you will know about that I'm sure, any other meds for RA would as they put it would kill me as I have IPF, if this does not help I don't know where we go Fran's says even she found it hard to watch me when the RA was at it's worst and if I was a dog they would put me down. Mattcass

  • Hi hun That was the first one they tried for the same reasons you mention. I have to say as far as the inf arth was concerned they were steadily doing a good job and there was a definite improvement.. Unfortunately with me I began to get flashing lights which turned into migraine. Now I have a history of migraine, so this was just me as it were, and I really hope you get all the possitives with this drug.

    Your last sentance made me really sad - pain can really drag you down. I am hoping with my heart this settles and gives you some respite and the hydroxy works well for you.

    Love cx

  • I can only offer heartfelt sympathy - I hope that it starts to ease soon. With much love and kind thoughts TAD xxx

  • Hi TAD Thank You, mattcass

  • Keep going - that's all any of us can do - and you will come out the other side. Heartfelt sympathy and ((hugs)). x

  • Hi Toci thanks, And when I come out the other side Tony better lookout or should I say behind him if he's on his bike.mattcass

  • Just keep joining us here, there is always someone around to have a chat or moan at. I know I would be lost without this site, you will always find useful info, help and love.xxxx

  • Oh, Mattcass, this is awful. I wish there was some way we could take some of that pain away from you. ((((((Mattcass))))))) gentle hugs, and hope your condition eases soon :)

    Love & Hugs to you and Fran

    Sandra x x x

  • Hi Sandra Thank You for you kind words hope you are well, Mattcass

  • I'm on hydro as well I take it for Lupus it helps with the joint pain, fatigue and skin rashes. It takes from between 6 to 12 mths to take full effect. I have had Imuran added now as the hydro wasn't enough. I have a friend with RA she's been on so many drugs but they had to be stopped because of the side effects. She's on Embrel (sp) but before that her rheumy put her on low dose steroids. Just wondering if you could do the same and take a low steroid while waiting for the hydro to kick in.

  • Thinking of you mattcass and wishing you well. Hope things improve for you very soon. Good luck. xxxxxx

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