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Lunch? It seems so long ago..........KOTC


As you have been mentioning lunch.I have just remembered about Wednesday.

I attended a NNECCG (Nottingham North and East Clinical Commissioning Group)members meeting.

We discussed :-

Quality,Patient Safety.and Patient Experience with Dr Cheryl Crocker/Hilary Cole/Mariea Kennedy

Finance with Ian Livsey

Commissioning Cycle with Rose Melvin Janet Baker

NHS England and Primary Care StrategyWith Tracey Madge

It is nice for everything being put in the open nowadays and that it can also be followed on the web.

They are now listening to and acting on what we the general public are saying.As a lot of changes came into operation only on April 1st things will take time but they are happening for the better.

LUNCH.A buffet lunch+ slices of water melon,ogean melon.blood orange and strawberries

taken on the terrace at Bestwood Lodge in the bright sunshine overlooking beautiful Nottingham countryside


Breathe Easy =Friendship

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What a fabulous location - and terribly terribly civilised :)

Glad that our views are being taken into account - I mean if it wasn't for us poorly people none of the committees, groups etc would actually be in existence. That tends to be forgotten by some. :) x


They wouldn't have let you in Scrobbs. Posh peeps only. Dunno how Richard wangled it past security. lol

Bobby xxxx


I dropped a penny on the floor and while he was picking it up,well simple really



We wouldn't need an NHS would we.No scrobbities to provide for!


Well done King, you do a lot of good work out there as well as entertaining us lot on here. Good on ya' ,



I like doing it Tony.Keeps my finger on the PULSE!


Keep up the good work, Your Majesty. x


I will continue to look after my subjects


Thanks Kingy for putting our views over :)

Sandra x x x


We have to make our voice heard Sandra


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