Married for 25 years Hee HEE......KOTC

.Little boy gets home from school and says

''Dad I've got a part in the school play as a man who's been married for 25 years''.

His dad replies

''Never mind son.Maybe next time you'll get a SPEAKING PART.''



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  • Ha Ha Ha and Ha b.......y Ha. I've been married 36 years and he is allowed to speak, (when spoken to)

    loved it Tina x :p

  • I don't expect he can get a word in edgeways any way!

  • We have been married for 53 years maybe I should think about giving him a speaking part soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He has probably forgotten how to speak!

  • He is allowed to say what would you like for breakfast ditto for lunch and dinner. That's quite enough chat for any guy. :) :)

  • Nice one Richard. How very true.


  • Now I know why you have so much to say on here.Can't speak at home Eh?

  • No Richard, she has forbidden it. lol


  • It's 33years for us. I am allowed, "would you like a cup of tea?" I get into trouble when i make myself a brew and forget to speak!

    Thanks for the smile!


  • It is a terrible situation to be in,but we just have to grin and bear it.

  • I was married to the first wife for 35 years. If wifey 2 misbehaves I just say, Rememember what happened to wife number 1.


  • I bet you don't dare ..............

  • I do... Honestly. Mind you, I run as soon as I've said it.

    Bobby xxx

  • LOL :) xx

  • I thought you would have a lot to say on this topic.

  • 40 years this year for us, hoping he'll ask what sort of setting I want my ruby ring in but I think it will be one of his quiet days. Thanks for the jokes KOTCs

    Lib x

  • You only have yourself to blame if he has lost the art of speaking

  • My hubby wasn't taught this lesson when in school & suffers greatly from over speaking! Still he,s learning now :D



  • Silence is golden.Sometimes.Most of the time!!!

  • oh, ha ha.

    Women are the gentle race, we always listen to men.

    Then we go and do what we want......................

  • How can you listen when you don't let us speak in the first place

  • 42 years and still going strong, I wear the trousers in this house welllll 1/2 of a trouser leg left.

  • Is that your wifes trousers??????????????

  • Husband says: Married for 55 years - get less for murder.!!!

  • He muttered that under his breath,not allowed to speak

  • You men are so --- well, just cant think of he word I want.

  • Gorgeous????????????????

  • You are kidding or are you? Show your face - George Clooney!

  • Not him.I'm good looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL never been married but that seems about right to me xx

  • Very good haha!

    Liz x

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