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Over th past week mum has suffered with oxygen levels, for the first time she had to have oxygen overnight and during the day it just keeps dropping so he spends a lot of time in bed. I wonder if this is due to the seasonal stuff like weather and pollen?? or if this is the progression of the disease (she has heart failure too). The doctors are not really saying anything.. She hasn't see the doctor face to face, but is doing so on Friday..At the moment though she is not well and having frequent oxygen to keep the numbers up.

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I would phone the BLF helpline for advice and your gp's surgery and tell them what is happening...its a long time until Friday

Thanks very much for your reply.. My Dad phoned the surgery and spoke to someone I think that is why there is an appointment for Friday.. but like you say, its a long way off. I will suggest the BLF helpline number. Thanks again..

There the NHS helpline too, is it 111 now?

Best of luck, thinking of you

Thank you.. appreciated.

Hi, has your mum had a proper assessment? Have they tested her oxygen levels at rest and moving about? I ask because I have used oxygen for some years now, 24/7, but initially my numbers (oxygen saturation) dropped a lot when ever I moved around and I had then to turn it up when I was active and down when i was just sitting. I hope this gets sorted out soon. x

Hello thanks for your replay, I don't think she has.. I don't think she has ever been tested for sleep apnoea either. Should this have happenned? She always used to wake with a headache in the mornings, for years..

The headaches could be from retaining too much carbon dioxide. It's a bit unusual to give a person, who has COPD, oxygen without having a proper lung function test in a " Plethysmography chamber " like I did.

It sums things up really, who knows what people should and shouldn't get, we are at the mercy of the professionals.. Is this the norm then for COPD in Britain to have this test?

Yes I think she had problems for years, no one looked at her lung function etc.. she was prescribed and told to take pain killers. Also put on HRT. Also what about a test for sleep apnoea? Should this have happened??

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