No fan despite the heat

It was really hot in work today - no air con. Last week all our fans were removed to save energy. Tried to get a fan - after 30 minutes gave up and emailed the head of the department - the Chief Legal Officer. She had to fill in a request for a referral to occupational health and then I can get a fan! Doesn't matter that I'm registered disabled with the very county council I work for nor the fact they know nothing about bronchiectasis. I'm seeing my consultant on Saturday as I still have the exacerbation. I think he might write a filthy letter to work!

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I would hope he does! You just shake your head in disbelief when people behave in a ridiculous fashion - go get 'em !!! Good luck and then happier breathing :)

It's because we have to save money as a local authority!

How penny-pinching are they? It doesn`t cost much electricity to run a fan I`m sure they would have more productive staff who are cool and calm as opposed to hot and bothered. Good luck to you, hope you get your fan back, unbelievable!

Disgraceful treatment, they use this money saving to extremes,hope you get the fan soon,I don't know how I'd cope in the heat without mine,take care,hp xxxxx

That's awful,what are they thinking about? Not the workers obivously! Make sure you get your fan back,at least. Xxx

shambles form filling 1st etc etc ,have u got a small pocket fan keep it in ur pocket anythings better than that carry on .take care

- The old story MONEY before health ..........the irony is, that if you became seriously ill as a result of this penny pinching " exercise" , and finished up in hospital, it would cost your employer AND the country MORE than was gained from "Saving " on a small fan - its called False Economy !! - stay cool Alanjudy !! ...

I have a USB fan which I shall use today if I have to!


good for you ,wats the saying wat gos around cums around,keep thinking in that mindset and smile at them,

Same old story, money saving before health.

agreed as in the long term costs nhs an employees more but will they have it no,bldy drama queens half of them ,

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