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It's Not Like Me To Cast Aspersions ... But Given My GP Experience The Exeter System Is Open To Fraud

Hate To Say It But Most GPs Are Fraudsters With Steth A Scope's Bringing Medical Profession Into Disrepute .... Why Do I Say That Its To Do With GP Funding ?

Not A Lot Of People Now GP's Get Funding For Keeping You From Hospital Or Specialist And From Calling Ambulances Under The Guy's Of Being A Good GP Managing Your Condition

Threw The " The Exeter system " Which Replaces GMS Quarterly Payments To GP's Practices For Providing Good Quality Care And Management Of Your Condition

But As We Have Seen Most GPs Fall Short Of Their Minimum Contract Obligations ... Yet Most GP's Are Quite Happy Selling You Short And Manipulating Your Medical History Records In Order To Paint A Picture Of Providing Good Quality Care

This Is Just A Brief Guide ... But Full Story Is Quite Disturbing As Such A System Is On To Fraud Deceit When It Comes To Patient Care Funding At Your GP's Practice

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this is something I had expected was the case, I could not see why they did not refer my wife or myself in the last few years and persisted treating with pills,i have thought of printing off the Hippocratic oath and asking them if they new about it, but I see that has been updated,

I try now when I visit to write down everything I want to say and give it to them on the grounds that I get confused, give them a copy and save it to a file, with comments of treatment, they seem to be more focused but still do not answer every thing,

thanks for the information

regards Richard


I must be the exception Daz. I would rate my GP practise ten out of ten. I just cannot fault them at all. Now ten GP's, umpteen nurses for on-site blood tests, changing dressings etc and to cap it all a really friendly and helpful reception staff. A wonderful practise.


after my experienences I blv that ,and phil1 u must have 1 of the few good gps left,with that in mind my new gp hasn't been to bad up 2 now /but I checl everything now and question everything /ive told him im still in control of my life .if I want go town wherever I will go,


Mmmm so that answers why my gp went ape when I asked him for me to see a specialist..... Well it was worth it as I have my ct scan booked for the 1st July!!!!! Then he won't be able to call my emphysema copd anymore will he lol.... Well I spose if it wasn't emphysema then he would ha!



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