sometimes wonder

mid to late 80s i can remember my mum who was 59.60 years old stopping sometimes with her shopping bags to get her breath on our way home where she might sit on a wall and have fag if we went shopping. and where i would have shopping bags has well i would say jokeing come on mum keep up your showing your age.

But dont know if you were diagnosed back then if you was not that bad but i think if she had of been she would have packed up smoking and lived longer where she died at 65 of lung cancer.

Thinking back now she must have had COPD but even today i had never heard of COPD until diagnosed with it and i have never even seen a notice in my gps wating room

about it or any adverts.

so dont you think the goverment should make more people aware of this lung disese because if i say to someone i dont smoke any more because i have COPD they say what the hell is that.

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As copd is a more modern umbrella term, most people would have called it emphysema and that has definitely been a word known for years.

How sad for your mother, it must have been a difficult time for you.

As for the Government making people more aware, what about all the quit smoking ads, the bans on displaying cigarettes, the smoking ban etc. if those don't make people more aware of lung and heart disease, I don't know what else will. The problem is we (and I mean me too) ignored all the health warnings when I smoked.

The other problem is there are loads of other really nasty illnesses out there, and people who have those also want the Government to do something about them. They cannot do it all. So I think all of us can try to do what we can as well.

I have joined the BLF and try to help in their awareness work, it's only £10 a year to join.

Lynne xx

Hi Lynne

How do I join the BLF?



Just ring the helpline on 03000 030 555 and ask, or go onto their website. Honestly, the £10 membership is worth it for the information pack and the magazines alone xx

Lynne xx

Thanks Lynne

You're a star.

Love and hugs



You are so right Lynne. I have also joined BLF and think it is worthwhile to keep up with everything that is going on.

Hope you are doing ok. xxx

I don't know about the UK,but over here,we have big adverts in the,& quite often get flooded with adverts on tv,admittedly,this has probably been just over the last 2 years. Some of the ads,are quite graphic,& others more positive.

The end result being that a lot of people have given up smoking,as a result,& so many more are aware of Copd,whom had never heard of it before.

You are most likely right about your Mum unfortunately.Just think how lucky you are,being born in a different age!

Breathe easy,

Wendells xx

yes thats so true and when i was diagnosed i realy thought i had months or a year to go so thank god for BLF who advised me on things( who i give a very a nice sum to once a month by direct debit) and of course thanks to all the nice and careing people on this site who are all so helpfull.

I have just left another copd site as they constantly run down the BLF but do little themselves except moan, it seems to me. I think the BLF do a great job on the whole xx

Ad Have To Agree Lynne BLF And Support From Others Is The Best ... I Agree Fully With You To Music ....

Is Hard Thats Why We All Should Remember How Hard It Was And What Our Families Had To Go Threw Esp When Nutters In Government Try Disrespecting All There Hard Work Lives

All The Best

in market in Oldham yesterday was 2 blf nurses with stall and things askin ppl for a blow test,1st time ive seen them there ,I regonised them from breathe easy they got me on rehab nice 1,i was talking to them give a few pounds in basket,she give me a dvd on exercises ,for copd,she said did I read Oldham chron tues yes I did it said Oldham Manchester on red alert for lung disease liver an other illnesse ,I asked her why not print copd ,ano she said that's why we are here.them a woman I no said wat u doing at stall/I said for my health im not to friendly with her but b out now sumat like saw such a body at copd stall ,ye ive joined the worldwide que

Heres Interesting Read ... Just Lets You Know Scale Of Problem Yet Government Will Still Not Raise Bar On Work Place Politution A Know Its Tad Old But Still Shocked Me

Wasn't the BLF on the radio some weeks ago trying to give lung complaints a higher public profile...and also said very little money was spent on research compared to other disorders.

Thanks to the BLF I went to a Breathe Easy meeting yesterday when a community nurse discussed anxiety , and today I went to a Breathe Easy based exercise class. I was worried about exercise as I have had so many exacerbations and not been for some time, but just went at my own pace under guidance.... this site has encouraged me to go back. Thanks

Well said. I joined a site called copd uk and all they do is moan, tell really depressing stories and are really serious nearly all the time. The thing that got to me though was I said how good I thought the BLF were. I had such a nasty comment from the person who runs that site that I have left it. It is clear though, that she and others read our blogs on a daily basis. They referred to comments people made on here.

Lynne xx

I am going to go on that site and support BLF too! :)

Bev xx

Have you been on the Facebook copd uk site Lynne? They are the same and one of the moderators seems to domineer the site and runs down the BLF all time, and they are very cliquey (spelling) I just don't bother with it anymore. Give me this one every time! Keep smiling

Carole x

how u keeping good I hope.i ad a look at that facebook co uk didn't like it was depressing ,reading sum of it was like there all up there own bakside

Yes, that's the one. In reply to something I said she replied "your precious BLF just paint a rosy picture but do nothing to Eli anyone." I replied asking what they actually did, then I left the site.

Lynne xx

Looking back, I feel really bad, my Dad had emphysema, he was diagnosed 1971 and died 1973, He only had a blue and brown inhaler, no other treatment. He must have been in so much distress with his breathing, I don't think they had anything then that you could have at home, to help with your breathing. His heart gave out in the end, he was 63. When I was diagnosed 5 years ago, I really thought I would be dead after 2 years like my Dad but things have moved on a lot since 1973 thank God, just wish it had been easier for him..............

yes wendells right i think we are lucky to live in this age where things have moved on just wish it would move on a bit more so they can find a cure for this nasty COPD and other things lol.. i even know a few people who had never heard of emphysema

Join the BLF.Funds go towards researching respiratory diseases.By joining you will be helping.


as mentioned earlyer i do pay a nice sum per month by derect debit from my bank to BLF just thought that goes to research anyway..hope they can find some magic pill one day fingers crossed

My father-in-law had emphysema and he never ever smoked. He always thought that a road traffic accident he was involved in was the cause (although he wasn't sure).

He didn't have the type of inhalers that I have - he had an appliance which had a mouth piece and a bulbous thing on the end. I'm ashamed to say that I didn't pay much attention to his suffering. He died in his sixties but I'm sure that he would have had a longer life span had he lived in these times.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the medical profession could find something which gave us easy breathing - I'm sure that they will eventually.

My mother-in-law died of lung cancer in 1984. She was a wonderful lady and so kind. Had she been diagnosed in this decade then I think she would have a chance of survival.

I was diagnosed with lung cancer in early 2009 and after diagnosis my feet hardly touched the ground. The operation was successful (one lobe of my right lung removed). I did have a further op when some nodules were removed (wedge sections) from my left lung - they were not cancerous. Next month, I go for my fourth yearly check-up.

I have been told that I have emphysema now.

My life is so much 'easier' than that of my mother-in-law and father-in-law and I am so grateful for that.

I hope everyone has a good weekend - well, a good 'forever'.

Love and hugs



What a lovely post. There is a man at our allotment who was diagnosed with lung cancer 6 years ago. He is now jogging around the streets age 70 (honestly) and his tumours are dormant. They gave him 3 months to live 6 years ago.

Lynne xx

So sorry to hear of all of you who have lost a loved one to lung disease. It must be terrible to go through that.

I think the reason that most people haven't heard of COPD is because it is rarely mentioned by the NHS or Government. What these bodies do is just concentrate on telling smokers they will get lung cancer or tumours. Most people don't think it will apply to them. It is overkill...but if they talked about the possibility of getting COPD and that one in five smokers will get it (nurse at PR said that) then it might hit home better. And that silly advert that says every 15 cigarettes will produce a tumour will have every smoker saying - well its too late for me then isn't it? Useless! But then the Govt doesn't want smokers to give up because they will lose a fortune in taxes. Talk about mixed messages...

Bev x

bev well said and so right this is what i was trying to say earlyer or what i ment..just having a nice vodka and coke (large) and listening to michael buble..chilling

that's true,

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