i feel great, from my diet

since i started the diet from the book on how i cured my mothers emphysema, no carbs no sugar, i can cheat once a week, the pills he tells you to take are alfalfa -mega enzyme capsules and full spectrum minerals cap,and probiotics, fish oil. all thats good for you, he has something for the drainag of the noise too, i think it is olive leaf exstract. dont no if will cure me but i sure feel a hundred times better, oh yea i get i b shot once a month but thats because i am low on b, so hope this helps every one who ask me about it, i will write again in a week,

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  • Hi ya me again, still haven't started yet but pleased that you are still on it, I have noted the supplements above



  • yes and i feel so much better, dr, oz said 70 percent of most people health come from your dijestive , how you feel how many colds you get, and we need all the help we can get,

  • where do you get the alfalfa -mega enzyme capsules please ? sounds great.

  • hi julie ive just googled alfalfa natures remedy u look on there web but im not sure bout them u have consult gp sometime happen wat we read on hear mite not b ok just sayin i have copd to.holland barret do the probiotics 17 pound ive had a look.not cheked the other yet full spectrum minerals do that now

  • cheked the full spectrum there 8pound for think 120 an more if u want biger bottle.its a canadian site u have order them im not sure bout any of thez as america as a high rate of copd sufferers but noted the comment wasnt able find a site and if u live there ud think wud have 1 .

  • thanks caroll :)

  • spectrum ones a company based in Cambridgeshire again I don't no bout thez

  • i got them on the internet, natures way for alfafa and you have to find a co, you can trust for the meg enzyme capsules , i went to the health food store, i dont take the pills 3 times a day like it says but i do take the mega enzyme 2 times and the probiotics are by dr, ohhiras, you can pull him up...

  • the probiotics are sold at Holland an barett but have to consult ur gp r consultant 1st there for digestive order ,17pound in there and 14 pound 1 of my daughters cheked the shop didn't get them u have keep in the fridge

  • hoho, I just googled the .... ....... enzyme and up came your BLF blog :D

  • what does blf stand for

  • british lung foundation

  • lol, i was not thinking, lol

  • have ordered olive leaf (immune system) and the others you suggest. Thanks for sharing :)

  • hi Julie were did u get olive leaf from take care

  • Amazon. Solgar one..a trustworthy make. X

  • how are you doing, did you get on the carb free sugar free diet yet, i was read a artical on cancer and it said that there 90 ceptars in the lungs that if you take sugar out of the diet and go green the cancer gets smaller, so i hope this works for us...

  • Cutting down on sugar and carbs. Early days. !

  • Are you still on the diet,and improving. where did you get the book from please.

  • you really dont even have to pay for it because most of the book is on the internet. just push in, how to cure copd or emphysema and it comes up

  • Sorry new to all this what does low on b .mean

  • vitamin b. i havent got off all the fruit yet, i gave up the sugar but not the fruit yet, i am trying, i still feel great, but i have get off the fruit, he said for 4 months because of all the sugar, i found a lot of recipes though to take the place of the carbs.

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