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Sometimes you do meet!

Sometimes you do meet!

All of these people on this photo were cyber friends before we actually met at the Supreme Cat show. There are people from the depths of Cornwall to the heights of Scotland so the internet can be a wonderful place.

I know it is unlikely that we on here would ever be able to get together like this but in our mind we can so as exblonde has said in her post "here is to friendship" no matter where you find it :)



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How lovely Jan that you got to meet all your (ex!) cyber friends. Must be great to have a shared interest that is not based on illness! So yes, hear hear to friendship, however it's found. Libby

That's lovely, I agree the internet can me a wonderful place and I like to think of it in a positive way,for all the good it does like you meeting up with your cat friends and here where our illness puts us among fellow sick-lungs-sufferers! love the photo! can't wait for the site to improve so we can put 'pictures on our profile page! here's to all of us....clink!...gulp!..... cheers! ( mine is an imaginary cyber exotic cocktail with ice and brolly! )love huffer xxxx :)

That would have been a special day for you Janet. Its quite a gathering.

Have to say I have met some very special people on-line and friendships that have lasted for over 8 years, sadly I've not been able to meet any of them yet. Some are living overseas.

I agree, raising my glass and good wishes..... to friendship!

I have 16 female cyber friends I met through a particular online interest. I have met up with most of them and in July we are all going to one person's house in Northampton for a party. All us us plus partners/husbands.

We are meeting one of them this afternoon at a National Trust place for tea. The husbands have not met before.

Lynne xx

Thinking of forums, I also belong to Gransnet but am not an active member. Saga used to run a forum but closed it down. I am wonder about other active forums - can anyone recommend one or two. I do enjoy a chat! Love annieseed xx

Annieseed do you have any hobbies/interests? I met all those people through a cat magazine forum I also belong to a closed FB group again it is about cats. I do have other interests other than cats :D I also belong to Reading Room which is an on line book group where you can join groups to discuss the genre that you prefer. You could always join FB then you could chat to me :)


I am interested in most things and people, but not a specialist in anything. Nostalgia is great for me and much more. I do have a cat called Betsy who is a bit of a home cat. We didn't have cats for many years as we had to visit my daughter in Dubai for 3 weeks at a time.

Before then, I had many cats, but not all at once. All were Heinz which I prefer,

Yes, I do have FB -- can we be friends. Anne Ward

Here here

Jansen, if you look at my FB page you will see one of the ladies I have made friends with. We met this afternoon.

Lynne xx

What a lovely idea. I'm sure you all had a wonderful time. When I win the lottery I will arrange for ambulances to pick you all up .and we will have a reunion in a health spa lol. :) :) :)

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