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on tuesday i rang for 2 oxygen bottles.i was assured they would be delivered the next day, i received a call next day saying it will be thursday. no delivery so rang again about 4 30 pm. was told the engineer had run out of time and it will have to be friday . i think its about time they got there house in order and they should loose the contract and it be given to air products again, who can i contact in authority to complain

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  • Hi, this is disgraceful, it's not like you're waiting for a few paracetemol, it's life and death for heaven's sake. You can complain direct to them:-

    Personally, I would phone them again as soon as you can and speak to someone in authority. It says on their website if you are still unhappy you can contact PALS at your local Primary Care Trust for further advice.

    I hope they turn up tomorrow. Best wishes, Libby

  • Contact your local M P asap

  • I had the same problem with them when they were my supplier. If you run out, or are running out of supply, you can request an emergency delivery at any time of the night or weekend. After ringing them on a few occasions (on the advice of one of their delivery drivers) and requesting an emergency delivery after they'd let me down, they seemed to improve their regular service. Of course this may have just been a coincidence.

  • I think that's terrible,what bad service,hope they have been to you by now. :(

  • I agree, they should be reported, Air Products are a fantastic company, always there when they say they will be. You cannot be without your oxygen and I would definitely take it further.

  • As I've said often and repeatedly on here, this company is UNFIT FOR PURPOSE. I had a similar problem recently, and they'd managed to run out of portable oxygen cylinders - it beggars belief. I've referred my numerous issues with Air Liquide to the Leicester PCT. This is all about the Tories saving money at our expense and running down the NHS. As you say Air Products are a wonderful company, but obviously put in a higher tender when the contracts were pitched. Never mind, as our old Etonian friend reminds us, we're all in it together. (The sticky stuff that is).

  • First ever post, hello all. I've had so much trouble with air liquid, late delivery , no delivery and one chap refused to deliver as it meant lifting a cylinder over my front door, sorry mate elf and safety. Sadly none of the aforementioned are isolated cases where I'm concerned, one delivery chap was rude and abusive to my carer. I've made numerous complaints to air liquid they all fall on deaf ears. I've informed my GP and the respiratory nurse at hospital but both say their complaints fall on deaf ears also.

    Come back air products.

  • yes i had one who was very rude , came one day to service the machine. took the brand new pipe off commented it was a bit long, then proceeded to cut it into pieces about 2 ft long with the remark, you wont be able to use that again. . connected a thicker pipe and then extended it, so i could not reach the garage , very clever. they will probably make him boss. thanks to all that replied ,lets hope they get rid of this company very soon.. PS oxygen not delivered yet.

  • Hi david the rules have changed slightly since the last contract one being a maximum of 15m of pipe being used and the thicker pipe is air liquide standard tube ad no need for glue and end connectors. Please also bear in mind that if you are upset with the company think of how the engineer feels working for them especially if they worked for air products before so sometimes might be a bit overehelmed themselves and unknowingly be snappy.

  • Welcome whizzbilly, don't be a stranger now you're here! Libby

  • Have you tried ringing 999? Being without oxygen should be classed as an emergency and maybe THEN someone would listen?

  • And I would contact your MP.

  • I can only speak as |I find. Air Liquide have been outstandingly good to me. I wonder if it depends on which part of the country you live in. It could be your local management team need a good shake-up.

  • hi thats plain nasty that,3yr ago i was lookin after my eldest brother who had masothelmial asbestos,cant spell meso.after being diaognosed for 3 month it was oxygen an morphine patches with orophoph,the men wah delivered the oxy wasnt this firm,cant remember but it was a 0800 numba they was always good men,brought oxy in2 my brothers flat.said hi col were do u want the cylinders puttin wats easier for u .save ur sis thats me lugin em round.they was really nice and thoughtful,at xmas his regular delivery man brought him a bottle of whisky ,i use to go every day to care for him put the empties in kitchen an the delivery men had no probs with that they took em from the kitchen really nice and pleasant ,he pasted 4 month later on april 23 in hospice,1 of the drivers asked me if he cud go hospice to see him i told him ur welcome and he did.nice firm,take care u have any more probs go hospital rite away in ambulance disgusting behavior,

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