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well I had my week away in Skegness ,although,i was feeling grotty when I went (I was pushing the anti biotics and prendisolone into me) but I`ve missed too many holidays lately

to miss another one. I`ve come back feeling better than i was so it must have done me some good , unfortunately it was right in the middle of my pulmonary re- hab course ,so I will have to syke myself up to start again next week

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Super news you finally managed to go on holiday, and I do hope you had a brilliant time. You'll be fine at your PR course... just take it easy and build it back up again :)

Sandra x x


Bracing skeggy sounds like it has had a good impact on your lungs, glad you feel better


I could do with a bit of Skeggy, happy all went well.

Lib x


You sound like you had a good time. If you pushed yourself on holiday then PR should be a breeze. Welcome back



Good to hear the holiday in Skeggy worked for you and was just the tonic you needed. Hope things continue to get better or should I say as good as they can for you. Good luck with PR


Must have been that bracing sea air :) Hope your PR gets going again


So pleased you got your holiday, and that the antibiotics and fresh air are doing the trick. Hope you enjoy the rest of your PR

:) Anna


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