Is this doing me any good??


Can you answer this for me.

For the past 4/5 weeks I have been excersising on an excersise doing on average 15-20 miles per day.

I manage to do 45 mins every day,Monday to Friday.

I have never had a cough with my condition.but this past week I am coughing all the time.

I'm beginning to wonder if all this peddling is any good for me,or is it helping me to clear my lungs?

Many thanks

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  • That is a fantastic average! You must be pretty fit! I cannot imagine it is doing any harm - I thought exercise was good for you. The coughing could be the start of an infection, could be a bit of hayfever? You could either ask your doctor or ring the BLF helpline the nurses might be able to shed some light for you. Take care. TAD xx

  • Take into consideration the past 4 or 5 weeks has had an increase in air pollutants such as pollen. But as Tad mentions check in with your doctor to be sure its not a lung infection and well done for achieving your exercycle results.

  • u are not ill

  • Tenzy,

    I actually have severe emphysema and bronchitis

    Thank u

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