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Social life

On Tusday it was the GP's. Yesterday it was the Welfare lot and today was the eye consultant for my cataracts. Tomorrow it is the respiratory clinic to get my oxygen flow right. I have a great social life, always out and about meeting new people.

Anyway, this morning the taxi I had booked for 8.30 still hadn’t arrived at 8.50. I phoned them and a conversation involving lots of F’s took place. Taxi turned up 5 minutes later. Things got better at the eye hospital. Friendly staff took great delight in inserting drops and pointy things into my eyes. This was after I had given them my life history for the computer. Even the consultant was a nice guy (well, for a consultant).

The upshot was that in 8 – 10 weeks they will operate on me. I might be able to read what you lot are saying properly then. Have a happy day everyone. Love from Bobby xx

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You make me look positively lethargic Bobby ! ;) but at least you are being looked after :)

Good luck with the operation, by the way :)


Keep on keeping on ....

Fankoo very much xxx

Hi Bobby,

I had cataracts removed from my eyes last year. What a difference! I think the most noticeable was how bright everything is. Also, be very careful about jarring your eyes, or doing something that might increase your blood pressure (lifting things etc) until your eyes are fully healed. The warnings your eye consultant will give you are genuine.

Don't be frightened by what I've just said. The benefits are fantastic and one of the best things the NHS can do for you.

Thumbs up!!!!

breathe easy


Yes,so well worth it, had both eyes done,over a few months,absolutely wonderful! Good luck with it.xx

johnwr and Wendells

Thank you both. I should have had it done ages ago but I bottled it. No hero me. lol

My mum had hers done a few years ago, and before they were removed the consultant let me have a look at them through his 'thingy that makes them big' they are the most beautiful thing I had seen, like a very colourful kaleidoscope.

Good luck -

Anna :)

I have got the start of them, whether they'll ever get bad enough to need removing I don't know.

Lib x

I had my cataracts done years ago, quite early before they got too bad. I did see the most beautiful kaleidoscope colours during the op. Warning, I went to tescos, a few days afterwards, and found the lighting too dazzling. I needed sunglasses. Well worth having it done.

Do exactly as the nice Dr,s tell you, & don,t strain your eyes trying to read our ramblings on here, we,ll keep your place warm & update you soon as you have all clear from the nice medical wallas :)

Good Luck Bobby


psorias, annie80. libby and sillywitch. Sounds like a harem doesn't it? Thank you all for your kind comments. Now when they operate can you all come along and mop my fevered brow?

Love from Bobby xxx

Nice try Bobby, but no, I know for a fact no fevered brow from having this op, us moping your brow will cause a fevered brow :D xxxx

Awwww You have got to admit though I'm a trier. lol xxx

I admit you are VERY trying Bobby :D xxxx

My sister had them done in Feb she couldn't believe the difference it made she's very happy with the result.

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