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Powe Plate or Treadmill?

I have already got a cheap hands and feet cycle used sitting on a chair but am considering getting something stronger and perhaps more effective for when I can't get out. Does anyone have any thoughts on which would be best? I am fortunate in having space to have one left set up. Ideas and recommendations would be really appreciated. I want to get something sturdy but not pay more than is necessary - the price ranges are very wide. Thanks, Lesley

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Ducati 900R strong reliable never let you down unless you fall off, and quick, Very quick, sorry pentreath, what about a small exercise bike,


Hi azaard

A Harley Davison would be more my style or a 1950s Triumph! Did the ton between Dover and Folkestone on the back of a Triumph many years ago.

Lovely idea though



I use the treadmill at the gym. There is a power plate there, but I have never used it. If I'm thinking of the right thing, it's not as aerobic as the treadmill.

Lynne xx


Hi Stone - looked at this, thanks for the link, another option to consider. Lesley


hi I just bought one make sure it goes slow enough, mine is an office treadmill £149 on amazon and it is good and folds up so takes up very little room it is just big enough to walk on and I am 6 feet tall my son has used it he is 6 ft 6 had it two months and I am improving I bought as the weather was so bad I could not get out to walk


Thanks Richard, I am 5'.5" so that would be fine. I will be going to see the respiratory physios soon so from the comments so far it would seem that it would be best to wait until after that appointment to make a decision. Interesting that no-one, so far, has commented on using a Power Plate. Lesley


I have thought about it but you would have to go into a gym to try one, from what my wife said who has tried one says they are good, the principal is right and it may very good I am going to have a go myself, but the ones they use in gym's are very expensive, and powerful so I would take advice,

but I would say if I had have had my treadmill at the beginning of winter I would be a lot better now, over winter I have lost a lot of mobility it is coming back though.

I will say this though exercise is the best medicine and long with good food and good doctors, it is so easy to sit back and loose it,

have a great day



Thank you Richard. It has been a long hard winter for those of us with lung problems - good luck with getting back to fitness. Lesley


I don't personally like treadmills but I have often used Power Plates and similar machines.

I found the PP really good for muscles, it gets in deep and relaxes them. I also love the massage thing for my calves and ankles because they tend to swell up.

My osteopath recommended going on a cross trainer when I asked her what the ideal thing would be to help my lungs and back. She said that movement is ideal. I'm going to buy one soon.



Thanks Koala, that is really helpful feedback - now the decision will be between three choices! Lesley


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