What, if anything has changed your attitude towards your lung condition?

What, if anything has changed your attitude towards your lung condition?

When I was first diagnosed in 2009 with emphysema, I spent the next two years being angry and frustrated. Bad move. All those lovely calories being wasted on the negative, how silly I was.

I went to Pulmonary Rehab and had an epiphany after hearing one of speakers say that the main difference between those who do have a lung problem and those who don't is that the 'do have's' constantly think about breathing. That rang a very loud bell. The rest of the talk went over my head as I suddenly realised that this was exactly what I was doing. The whole 'not being able to breathe well' had become such an issue.

So very quietly and calmly I went home and vowed to stop overthinking and start doing. I stopped allowing it to take over my life and just simply get on with it as best I can each day; some are better than others, but every day is a good day. I laugh and sing and hunt the sun whenever it shows its face and try not to let all the things I can't control take much space in my life.

There is a lovely community feel on this site which seems quite unique and some great characters to help to keep the boredom and the odd panic at bay - love it ! The breathing techniques and drugs help too - hahahaha ! :)

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Friendship and folly makes us all jolly!

This site changed my perception of my condition, I felt really ill & ready to curl up my toes but being here & hearing the battles won & those lost, gave me hope, that I,ve got life left in me & when I am ready to go It,l be on a wave of love from all of you on here

Bless you all

Karen xxx

My attitude now is just go for it,,life is to short,,so lets enjoy it best we can.... :)

What a wonderful blog and so true. I've felt really down last few days because of a chest infection, thank you it's made me re think.

Kim xxx

Seize the day - live for the moment... Hey, I've been ignoring this for 15 years, it didn't stop me then, and it sure ain't gonna stop me now! :) :) :)

This is a great community - we look after each other..there's loads o songs that say it - I'm not allowed mine anymore but give a listen to........lean on me when you're not strong, ill be your friend ill help you carry on.

So my answer is finding myself here.

What a wonderful positive outlook on life. Life is too short to waste a moment!

I agree with kimmy, a great blog. I had not realized my attitude had changed until I read your title question, and then I thought about it, and yes it definitely is changing for the better. I have only had a name for what is wrong with me for 7 weeks, but have known for nearly 5 years that my lungs were not well, I thought my life was over and felt pathetic. But then I got diagnosed, and very soon I found this site. And that is when I began to find out that my life is not over. Talking to all my new friends here, has made me question who I am. And what I learn has made me know that there are things I can do to help myself. So I would say my attitude to myself and my lung condition is in the process of changing thanks to this site and the wonderful people who are here. I feel like I was a chrysalis but now I am an emerging butterfly. (I like butterflies :) :) ) So thank you Scrobbitty (for making me think) and BLF for providing a home for this community.

Anna x

You are going to be a very beautiful butterfly Anna, xxxxx Karen

thank you Karen ... I will definitely be a pink one, xxx

Awwwww you guys rock :)

I'm glad to hear that i hope I can be as strong as you some day but I'm finding so hard to except my condition I don't know how long it will take it feels like my whole life is ruined x

Two weeks on here every day for hours changed my life, join us we,re all a little bit mad, but lovely sometimes :) xx Welcome Semara xx Karen

Thank you x

i was so scared when i was told i had copd i really thought that in a year i would not be here so thanks to the nice people on this site and BLF i feel much better and has i can still work part time i always donate monthly by derect debit to BLF has i think they do a great job

I am at peace with the condition since I was diagnosed really. I think the reason is that when I developed breathlessness so suddenly (after I stopped smoking) I though I had lung cancer. When tests and checks showed it was emphysema, I was actually quite relieved.

Naturally, I would rather not have it, but it does not dominate my life. I keep fit, more than I did before, I work part time, it doesn't really impact upon my life too much. My friends and family know that I just have to be a bit than slower than them at times.

I do get more tired than I did, but not too bad.

I agree though, that this site and the people on it is terrific. I have learned a lot, I can ask questions when I need to and there is plenty to amuse me as well.

Lynne xx

Thankyou scrobbity, today is the first time I've been online for about a week cos I felt so ill. I nearly didn't bother I thought whats the point then I read your blog and thank goodness I did. I will try to do what you did and be more positive. Thankyou once again. xx

I was worried bout you, hope you feeling a bit better cariad :) we,ve missed you & your blogs!!! how,s the spider? :D xxx

Thankyou sillywitch, the spider is well but objects to living in his hatbox lol xx


Thanks for a lovely blog, it sums things up a treat. One thing I have noticed when re-reading my own blogs is the number of times I say I. I did this or I said that. It's as if we are each in our own little world. We aren't, we are part of the wonderful group on here. So, from today the use of the word I will be used by me to the bare minimum. Thanks again for a super blog. Bobby xxx

I was so very angry when I was first diagnosed I thought I just couldn't cope with an other chronic illness some of you might remember I also have lupus. I spent a couple of months feeling like that I found an American copd site similar to this and it helped me to realise that I wouldn't be dead in 3 or 5 years like I thought. I quit smoking a few days after I was diagnosed and I'm not in any worse condition now 3 years later that when I was diagnosed. I'm not saying it's an easy road to travel I ofter find that what you do for one condition makes the other worse and I still do at times get downhearted. When that happens I know I can come on hear and get support from all you wonderful people.

Wise words and came at a good time for me as I am back on the steroids and anti-biotics only a few weeks after finally getting over an exacerbation in November so feeling a bit sorry for myself. Last month I joined a choir, accepted two invitations to take on new roles - one in a charity and the other in my local Quaker Meeting. Boo hoo, now will not be able to get to choir or take part in the concert next month because you have be at 70% of the rehearsals. However, I have learned to store up 'treats' for when I am mainly staying indoors to keep in an even temperature as much as possible so will be reading, doing some embroidery today and watching a DVD I have saved for times like this.


Thank you all for your lovely words and input - you truly are a wonderful bunch of people x

Pete got very down scrobbitty but like you, decided to turn a negative into a positive and get on with enjoying life, which he does on the whole. Having to retire early from work was a real bummer but he now realises that it was the only thing to do. I, as a carer, used to feel a bit isolated as had nobody to chat to about Pete's health and breathing problems so coming on this site has helped enormously and I know I am not alone. Life is for living and we all do our best to get through each day and this site helps with that for sure.

Stay well. xxxx

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