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Angina discomfort

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Hi everyone and happy New Year!

I have recently been diagnosed with stress inducible ischaemia from a stress MRI scan which my Cardiologist had requested due to a slight tightness in my chest on swimming. The ischaemia only affects a small portion of my heart (part supplied by the obtuse marginal 2 vessel)

I also get an itchy scratchy feeling in my left chest on non exertion which unnerves me although it does seem to be linked to putting chia seeds in my morning porridge.

Does anyone else describe their angina symptoms as an itchy scratchy feeling? I take isorbide mono nitrate which does not seem to affect this feeling so I’m hoping it is gastrointestinal related rather than unstable angina.

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When I had angina it was just pain and breathlessness, no itching.

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Stu888 in reply to jimmyq

Thanks for replying. I’m not sure if I would describe any of my symptoms as pain just a slight tightness and I haven’t had breathlessness. I’ve only just been diagnosed with ischaemia and heart scarring from myocarditis as 2 years ago I was told I’d had a mild heart attack but had no ischaemia then.

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