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I went into hospital 2 weeks ago with endocarditis and stayed in for 4 days. They said i had pericarditis and put me on anti inflammatory s for 3 day. I did as the said but I am still in very bad pain to the point i sleep in a chair sitting up. I have days i feel great and days I can't get out of the chair. I get flu like symptoms and feel worse at night. Some days I feel as bad as the first time i got it. My question is how long does it take to go, what can I do to help and will i eventually get fully recovered

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I’m asking the same question as I’ve had it off and on for years. U need to clean ur teeth and take antibiotic cover for dental treatment and don’t put of dental treatment. I now wished I’d cleaned my teeth and hadn’t put of dental treatment. I’ve also had to have extra heart ops cos of endocarditis. I’m on antibiotics at home after have antibiotics at the hospital.


Hi i was diagnosed with this in May and I am still having more bad days than good.

I paid to have a Echocardiogram as on the NHS i would have to wait 6 months. It came back clear. Which is good but i dont feel well which leaves me wondering if i was diagnosed correctly.

I have also lost a tooth down to abscess infection.

Burning and discomfort pain in my back mainly around the lower of right shoulder blade. Tightness under breast area and back feels like i have a belt on tight.. Extreme tiredness. Light headed at times when i do more than normal.

I have tried a little swim twice which made me ill for days with pain.

It will be great to hear what your symptoms are as there isn't any help.



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