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Have been put on the waiting list for a 24 hour monitoring ecg, on 2nd February. My symptoms have worsen so tomorrow I intend to ring my GP to see if they can bring the date forward. My pulse rate is consistently over 110. This suggests a medical emergency to me, but my doctor didn’t put me forward for a same day appointment. She just said I was suffering ‘palpitations’ and needed that test. Can anyone give me any information on this disease, tachycardia, and that word ‘palpitation’, the meaning and seriousness of them, and the consequences if they are not dealt with immediately...

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Hi i am in a similar position....i am 51 and had papitations that lasted an hour on sat. I was advised by 111 to go to A&E and by then i had neck and jaw pain....but apart from that i felt fine. A&E checked blood pressure=ok but pulse was 140 so they lay me down for an ECG and the minute i lay down the palpitations stopped and my neck & jaw pain went!

They monitored me and took blood tests for kidneys, lung and proteins ( i think) but said i could after 3 hours but said they would write to GP as my pulse still seemed irratic and get him to arrange for a 24 hour ECG.

Obviously i was worried so on monday i rang one of the corony nurses from the British Heart Foundation and she told me i must immeadiately speak to my doc on a telephone consultation, which i did. He then asked me to come in later that day and again took blood pressure ( which was fine) but found my pulse was 110 (after sitting down waiting for him) and then it went up and down erratically again.......so he referred me to hospital fror what i think is called a stress or excercise ECG where they monitor your heart while you are on a treadmill and he has also ARRANGED FOR THE 24 hour ECG. My appointment for stress ECG is tomorrow but ive not heard yet about the 24 hour ECG. I also has a blood test today for my chloestral so i await the results.

Like you i am petrified and i have read lots on the internet, but i have no idea if its true or not. What i have found helpful is the downloads from the british heart association which has helped me to list a few questions ready for tomorrow and when i see my doc again.

If i was you i would go on their website and ring the number it gives, like i did, and speak to one of their wonderful heart nurses


Thank you for sharing these details with me. They have given me a better understanding of my situation. It seems the best way forward is to go private and have a stress or exercise ECG and get the results of that. And go ahead with 24 hour monitoring ECG too. This should give a clearer understanding of what is happening to my heart. And I shall contact the British heart association to gather some questions to ask the consultant. Thanks again for this.


Let me know how you get on Lydia as it seems we have similar symptoms


Sure. Will do.


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