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Troponin- Rivaroxaban

The Reveal Device[ holter monitor? ]has not revealed heart failure as most tests only PAH on fitting, 11 yrs later after first request with MI enabling diuretics to be withheld when acute for 4 years I .now suspect printzmetals angina is being ignored as Specialists directed not to diagnose fairly especially if rare & not acutely not testing appropriately, reasonably - symptoms?

Troponin was found at A&E re symptoms ignored on hospital visit - wing from midday to 9 pm NB Test NHS Call To Action Group .Yet the results never given or request for Duty Doctor or Fast Access happened .Had to stay in hostelS due to stressful drive & moving around .they called me back & said would delay again then while seeing about device not functioning called me 2x even though had discussed it & Had mobile on me in hospital.

The letter later sent from specialist did not mention this & Outpatients Manager was complaints pretending then never there So is rivaroxaban appropriate treatment .The part time newly employed GP is referred to when need emergency help & he spends time following up delayed inappropriate hospital appts & other areas not appropriately managed [ interaction of medications access to antibiotics}

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I don't think the question is one that people without specialist medical qualifications and experience can answer.


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