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Recent diagnosis

Hi all hope you had a good Christmas.

After receiving a letter from the heart nurse telling me of my extensive heart condition I have started taking the pills this morning

Going from taking no medication at all at the age of 60 to taking

Statins, betablockers,bloodpressure,asprin and the spray ...i have to say I am more worried about the side effects !

Waiting on an appointment for my first angiogramme to see what the next step is I will be poking around your post to try and get an idea of how to deal with this disease (dyslexic so sorry for spelling and no drug names it would take too long )

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Thankyou for that advice I will start to use the correct names when I get a handle on them ,early days for me at the moment..i forget how to spell my own name somedays .

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Thankyou that's great advice ...heres to a happy and healthy 2018

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It all sounds like you have had a real shock to go from taking nothing to the full monty!

I was in a similar position this year - I am 54- and am now on 6 different tablets.

My view is that these tablets are helping me stay as healthy as I can for as long as they can. I am grateful to live in a time when it is possible to be helped and not written off.

As to side effects I tend to ignore the leaflet until I feel something could be affecting me. I consider the side effects of not taking them to be a much more known quantity.

It does also help me to understand what the drugs do to help me eg The statin helps to keep the various plaques rounded and smooth and drops my cholesterol.

I wish you well on your journey and am pleased that you took the time to post here where you will find lots of support.

Best wishes



Thankyou Sara

I think your right it was the initial shock and now I've started I don't feel so nervous .Jx


Depending on your diagnosis post angiogram you may need more medication. Just work with your GP if you start feeling side effects. I usually can't tolerate most medication but I am on the same "mix" as you are and don't have any problems (unless I forget to take the stuff).


Thanks x


I agree with Sara, it is great to get yourself informed about why you take each medicine/what they do, but try not to worry about potential side effects unless you experience them. I take a variety of drugs too (purely medicinal!) and have done for the last six years. There's been a fair bit of tweaking done over the years, but now I'm on good doses of all of them without too many side effects to contend with, so don't be downhearted if you do feel a bit rubbish to begin with - your body will get used to the drugs and you should be able to find a balance that works for you over time. Good luck :)

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Thankyou 1 done and it wasn't as bad as I anticipated so onwards and upwards .jx

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