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Moderate Mitral Stenosis/Regurgitation and exercise

Hi, I was diagnosed a few months ago and am symptomatic with breathlessness when exercising and slightly swollen ankles, I take a 20mg dose of Furosemide daily and this has helped a bit with the breathlessness. I am very worried though as I exercise a lot, an hour cardio and weight lifting every single day! I have horses and am very very active. I lift 30kg sacks of manure at least 5 per day and push across a field full of mud, it gets me out of breath and very hot. My worry is that the cardiologist and my GP have both said the more exercise I can do the better, but my research and speaking to the BHF both says that I should not be doing this level of exercise.... I really need to know what I can and cannot do as this is my way of life and if it's bad/dangerous for me to do this exercise at this level I will need to give up my horses and I really really need to know. I have tried to get another appt with Cardiologist but nothing for a few months... Any advice would very much appreciated. Many thanks and best wishes to everybody!

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I empathise with you as I too have mitral regurgitation, mine is now severe and I am having surgery for this and three other proceduresat the end of this month ( you can see my account on an earlier post).

Firstly, I haven't been advised to reduce exercise, that said my body is telling me when to rest and how much I can do.

Please don't think that you will need to give up your beloved horses and way of life. Medication eases the symptoms but doesn't cure the problem, surgery will. It is a difficult decision to make if, as and when this is an option for you. Most mitral valve repairs can be carried out via minimally invasive surgery, unfortunately because of my other issues (one of which is permanent AFib) this is not really an option for me if I want a good result.

It all sounds very scary and I do hope I haven't alarmed you, my aim is to reassure you that you don't necessary have to change your way of life.

I do hope this has been helpful.

Good luck with seeing your cardiologist and enjoy your horses.

Dory ❤️💕❣️

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Hi there,

I had severe mitral stenosis,

Had a mechanical valve replacement 6 weeks ago.

Going off my experience and you will know the same as you are diagnosed by a cardiologist..i was at moderate for 1 and a half years and was told to carry on as normal really.

I started getting worse into the second year and could barely walk up the stairs.

Go with your diagnosis and body i would say,your cardiologist am sure will keep you right here.

Take care

Jenny x


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