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I’m suffering really bad with thrush and I’m finding it incredibly painful to go to the toilet, has anyone got any tips or solutions to make it less painful?

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I had 4 months of thrush just before my period, this month is the first time I haven't had it. This period has been very strange though, not at all heavy. I have found cutting down on sugar and eating, natural yogurt and when symptoms were bad I used a watered down douche of tea tree oil, which soothed it for a bit, but needed to take fluconazole which cleared it every time. I hope this helps.

If you're not already on medication, then go to the pharmacy and buy Canesten Combi/combined. It consists of a capsule to swallow and a tube of cream to apply. Alternatively, you could just buy the cream, which comes in 2 strengths. You could also go to the doctor to check it is Thrush, and if so, then he/she can prescribe medication.

take fluconazole every 3 days for the first week . after that take 1 fluconazole once a week for 6 months

The first thing I would do is make sure it is candida ( thrush ) If this is a new occurrence for you , and you have any skin changes around the vagina, you should go to a sexual health clinic immediately and ensure this is not herpes simplex causing the discomfort . It is very unusual for candida to cause that level of discomfort to pee , and much more common with herpes simplex. There are effective medicines that can help but the sooner you start them the better.

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