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HSV2 suppression therapy

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Just been given aciclovir 2 a day for 6 months. Has anyone else tried this method and was it effective?

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Yes. Been on them 2 years now. Can't bring myself to come off them as they have given me a small amount of confidence back. The only time I felt an outbreak coming on was when I used a sun bed. Upped the dose for a few days then just went back to 2 a day. Just makes you feel like you can live your life again without obsessing about it as much.

Thank you. Can I ask if you have a boyfriend? Has it prevented him from getting HSV? If he already has it do you use protection?

I caught it from a cold sore on his mouth that hadn't actually become visible. That means he won't catch it on his genitals as he already has it on his mouth, so no we don't use protection. Have a look at the sphere web site... that explains everything a bit better.

In all honesty I'm not convinced our relationship will last but I can't cope with the thought of having to tell someone else just yet!

I see, does that mean you have type 1? I didn't think that type had many outbreaks!? Will check the website out thanks. I know exactly what you mean. My girlfriend is the only person that knows

No type 2... he obviously caught type 2 when the herpes was passed onto him. You can get both types in both places... type 1 breaks out more on your mouth... type 2 breaks out more on genitals apparently... lucky me!!

That web site is really good... factual... the clinic I was diagnosed recommended it to me and gave me a leaflet from them.

Thanks so much for your advice! Will read up more on sphere. Have read the herpes.org page a couple of times now! So far so good on the daily tablets for me and it's given my girlfriend and me that little bit of extra confidence in the bedroom now

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Hi I would like to look at the sphere website but can't find it. Do you know what I would google?

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Google sphere herpes

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Also Lizbeth4....... can you clarify..... if my BF has HSV1 on his mouth he wont catch genital Herpes from me?

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There is type 1... typically found on mouth...and type 2 typically found on genitals but both can be caught in either place. Having one gives you some immunity from the other but no guarantees. Look at sphere web site... or explains it all...

Tried lit,makes it a lot less servers, but still get a outbreak every3rd week.gone from sex every day to none in 2 years since I got diagnosed

Why have you not had sex? Are you with somebody?

Salt baths, help build up your own natural immunity. Have at least 2 a week good prevent and if u are having on to clear up quicker.

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Thank you. Is it normal salt ok!? Have not had an OB since taking these tablets and feel so much better about the whole thing!!