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I am a diabetic middle age man and lost sexual power ... as it was there before diabetes .... give some solution to retrieve it to normal.

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Erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes is extremely common. It can be related to several things (nerve damage or poor blood supply). The commonest cause is furring up of arteries (caused by the diabetes).

You need to see your doctor (GP) to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked.

There are medications (Viagra being one of them) that can help in this situation but you need to tell your doctor about the problem and let them take it from there.

Hope that helps


I agree with charliejoe, diabetes can create havoc with male sexuality as well as other life matters. the question here are as follows: 1. what are your a1c levels, (how well controlled your blood sugars are)? 2. how do you treat your illness, (orals, insulin)? 3. your age? 4. marital status/stable relationship? 5 when does this happen/frequency/with what activity? 6 are u having peripheral neuropathy (numbness/tingly sensations in feet)?

as Charlie said, many people with diabetes also have metabolic syndrome as Charlie mentioned have cholesterol checked as arteries to penis can become clogged earlier than other vessels due to their size. Viagra maybe helpful, but you should also explore testing for testosterone levels, vascular ultrasound of vessels, and have a discussion with md about injectables to penis such as caverject, or trimix.


First thing to try is PD5 inhibitors, cialis etc. If this does not work then you might have an arterial problem. Then you would need to have a duplex ultrasound to measure the flow through you cavernosal arteries. I would have hormones checked as well, Testosterone, SHBG for free testosterone, Estrogen, and dihydrotestosterone.