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Hi has anyone had their shielding email, text yet in England xx

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I suspect they're waiting until parliament have done their voting thing today (on the lockdown not shielding itself). The gov shielding document hasn't been updated yet either.

Got mine this morning

Yep they all seem to have gone out last night. At least people who need them for work will now have the official confirmation.

I had mine in December when my area went into Tier 4 - I received a text within an hour of the PM's evening announcement, followed by an email a couple of hours later. I haven't received anything else following Monday's PM announcement.

I'm in Wales had one yesterday till the 7th February x

I had the one in December after we moved into tier 4 , which says not to work until 18th jan ... I assume it has to go through parliament today and then we will receive the latest guidance

I have had texts and a letter

Duckface in reply to Travelling

Hi . Is this in England since Monday nights announcement ?

Lyngal in reply to Duckface


Travelling in reply to Duckface

Had a letter just before Christmas -text was 30 Dec

We went into Tier 4 here on 21st Dec, assume text was re that change. ?

Hi. I had a text and email within hours of moving into tier 4 which covers me until 3rd Feb but nothing new since new national lockdown.

Another factor, which might be cynical, is that because many areas are already under the shielding umbrella (as others have mentioned, those who were already Tier 4), and this includes London (you know, the Centre of the Universe), there is no hurry elsewhere. For many of us it's fine, they've said shielding so we are. But for those who need the updated officialdom for work it's less helpful.

Not received anything yet. Probably arrive dreckly!

Nope, I'm assuming we won't until it's been passed as new law today, another announcement later I believe then .gov will be updated so I'm assuming from tonight/tomorrow we may get notifications. Although as twinkly said how this will happen I don't know as large proportion were tier 4 anyway.. x

It really confuses me - I was only diagnosed in April. I’ve had 3 lots of steroids, 2 lots of antibiotics, am currently uncontrolled on fostair 4 times a day, spiriva respimat once and salbutamol as needed. Does this make me CEV or just CV? And do you shield if CEV only? I’m confused lol x

Carriejen in reply to Emzcat41

Shielding is for CEV and high-risk CV I think. The steroids and lack of control might make you CEV? Check with your gp or nurse if uncertain.

Emzcat41 in reply to Carriejen

Thank you - I will ask the respiratory team (I forgot yesterday) they phone me weekly atm x

twinkly29 in reply to Emzcat41

The antibiotics are irrelevant (as far as asthma goes). Official shielding is only for those considered CEV. I would have thought you'd know by now if you were classed as CEV but check with your GP if they think you need to be added.

Emzcat41 in reply to twinkly29

Will do thanks Twinkly (you are awesome at clarifying things on here thank you)

I’ve just had a text from GP that they’ve referred me to respiratory clinic at the hospital (I imagine it’ll be understandably delayed) and I’m currently getting weekly calls from community respiratory team so will ask them next time - I forgot this week duh x

twinkly29 in reply to Emzcat41

Oh that's great, re the referral. Much better to be on a list for it than not. I'm glad you also have the community support too 🙂.

Emzcat41 in reply to twinkly29

I’ve been really lucky they’ve been excellent so far. I thought it was a bit overkill I’m ashamed to admit because I played it down at first and denied the severity. But now I’m so so great full - so many people don’t have that support, and now I’ve had a few bad attacks I really comprehend how serious it is (think was in denial at first) x

I had letters first time round, email second lockdown and nothing for this one - despite nothing having changed health wise since last time. I’m not surprised. Lost all faith in the system some time ago. No credibility as far as I’m concerned. I carried on working last time and I will carry on this time. I take all the precautions I can and am sensible, that’s as good as it gets for me.

twinkly29 in reply to EvieJo

No-one has had anything for this one yet - the gov info for the CEV hasn't been updated yet.

Unless you were Tier 4 already then you should have had notification if still considered to be in that group.

Your approach sounds very sensible though, being careful but doing what works for you.

Carriejen in reply to EvieJo

It depends on where you are as well. Scotland had no official shielding for any tiers, right up until the most recent announcement which was from midnight on the 4th.

I live in Liverpool so went from tier 3 down to 2 because of mass testing but when other parts of the country went up a tier with restaurants and bars open here my husband said the amount of people from outside Liverpool with suitcases on the run up to Christmas was ridiculous

Got the shielding email so everyone's is on their way! X

Yeah just received mine too.

Yes mine arrived this evening too. Interesting bit about vaccine and this time it states stay 2 metres away from household members like March one but from memory the November one said we didn't have to . Stay safe all

Got mine thankfully as got a phone call this afternoon from area manager to say until I get my email from Government about having to shield I have to go into work.... I work in a school 🤷‍♀️😡

Duckface in reply to Lyngal

My work has the same stance, if no email we're expected to go to work. This time I was covered by my moving into tier 4 email . Its so frustrating and definitely adds to my anxiety.

Yes mine came last night, this time with reference of a vaccine in Feb and I would be notified, which was positive. Fingers crossed.

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