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Breathing worse lately


Has anyone noticed that there breathing has become worse, no other symptoms of Covid-19 just feels like my breathing isn’t doing to good, not sure if it’s in my head or of it’s stress or anxiety but feeling a little worried about it 😔

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Yes, I have Minniemouse1989. I also have Bronchiectasis and I have antibiotics as an emergency. I started taking them 3 days ago. They probably wouldn't halt Coronavirus, but rather be safe than sorry.

A lot of people have posted saying the same thing Minniemouse, so you are far from alone. Could be the season or the worry or a combination of both or just because.

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Hi - i was one of the earlier posters!

It seems that a combination of the anxiety of the situation plus the normal seasonal stuff is the cause

Hope that helps put your mind at rest

Tree pollen getting going?

I don’t think so, I’ve not been out xx

I’m anxious too Minnie and my asthma is bad every day. It’s the stress and upset. I try not to watch the news, but when I do I end up with my chest heaving and all I can focus on is breathing. It’s awful. Woke up hyperventilating the other night. I’m thinking of you. We are all worried. The only time I don’t worry is when I’m running. Wish I could make us all feel better on here. Keep away from everyone and sit tight. This nightmare had a beginning and it will have an end. We just got to get through the rotten bit in the middle first xx

Thank you, literally all I want to do is sit and cry all day, the only time I don’t think about it is when I’m asleep, and I don’t get much of that because my little one doesn’t sleep well, even the slightest thing makes my chest feel tight now and it’s never ever been like, earlier my blue inhaler wouldn’t even settle it, think im going to have to ring doctor On Monday and get some advice because I can’t carry on like this, just wish this was all over now, I just cant help but think all the time that I don’t want to leave my baby girls xxx

You won’t leave them Minnie. You’re so young and even though you have asthma the medics are wonderful and would be able to treat your asthma as a separate by product. Your immune system will be so much stronger than all the statistics you see and your body would fight the infection. Keep eating well and keeping yourself in optimal fitness. It does become all consuming because it’s the only thing on the news, in papers and on everyone’s lips. It’s also heartbreaking seeing scenes from Italy and I had a big wobble today after seeing a report from their intensive care unit.

I use CBD oil which really helps me. I’m taking nytol to help me sleep. Chat to your dr as if you can reduce your anxiety then I bet your chest improves. Lots of asthmatics are now getting this virus and not even being hospitalised. Look at Idris Elba! He’s asthmatic and hardly has any symptoms. We are thinking worst case scenario. Let’s try and reverse our thinking. Easy to say I know! Hope you manage to enjoy your special day with your girls tomorrow. Why not plant some seeds or do something nice in the garden. You could plant a toilet roll tree!! Now they would be useful! Hang in there xx

Thank you so much, this is genuinely the most reassuring thing that I have had said to me, I’m trying to stay away from social media and the news now, my problem is I doctor google all the time and I know it’s the worst thing I can do but I can’t help it, I’ve just been watching them sleep and my heart just oozes with love and sadness for them, I don’t want them to see my cry because I don’t want to scare them, thank you so much again and I hope you stay safe too xxx

I sympathise so much, I am in my 50s with usually well controlled mild asthma (seratide and ventolin, I tried Fostair but it doubled my heart rate!, and antihistamines in spring and summer) But my asthma has been terrible these last few weeks. I think I had another virus/chest infection anyway, and it's now lingering. Talk about timing. I know exactly what you mean about hyperventilating - I struggle to not physically shake most of the day. It is so hard having to be a 'grown up' for our children (I have a teenager) and for our parents (my Dad is 85).

That is why this forum is so important, we must use it to come and share our worries, to cry and to support each other.

Take care, and think of Idris Elba. xxx

Such a lovely reply I had to also respond, as I have been feeling so much like Minniemouse1989. I might have to print out a picture of Idris Elba and pin it up to remind me! My breathing is tight all the time, I feel pressure on my chest and when I touch my chest it feels bruised. I know that viruses, pollen and anxiety are my triggers, but I know I'm not going to get a letter about the 12 week thing. I am a teacher and am terrified they will call me in if they are short on staff. I keep trying to rationalise that even if they did it would be one day a week (they are sorting a rota). But I already feel really panicky and agoraphobic when walk round the block. I just can't wait to get indoors again!

But Idris Elba is now going to be my guardian. Thank you xxx

Hi there! I’ve seen your threads on here over the last week or so and I even found myself worrying about you going into school last week when you said your chest was bad. Must be a relief for you that the schools are closed now. I think Idris Elba will be all our icons right now as it gives us hope. I looked at the asthma Uk criteria for 12 week isolation and unfortunately I very much fall into that category- I ticked three of them. My chest is heaving away today as I’m anxious and didn’t sleep much. This nightmare will be over though and I’m going to fight it with everything I’ve got. Looking forward to a good book in the sunshine this afternoon. I hope you’re not called on to teach. I think you’re within your rights to say no. Even though the 12 week rule may not apply to you, the fact that you’re asthmatic is enough I’d say and if you do go it’ll just increase your anxiety. I hope you manage to have a relaxing day. Take good care xxx

Thank you so much for your reply! What are the Asthma UK criteria out of interest? I'm sure I don't fit enough, as usually I'm not too bad. My triggers are viral infections (if I get a cold it always ends up on my chest) hayfever, and anxiety. Not a great combination right now! I am hoping that I don't have to go in. I am going to keep quoting the website about people who have flu jabs and the fact that asthma is on the list for 'stringent social distancing'. I think it would be impossible to do this, even with the vastly reduced numbers of children, (as there will be vastly reduced numbers of staff too!)

I am trying to stay calm (and failing!) I stayed off all social media yesterday and left my phone in a different room. I didn't watch any of the news. My husband taught me how to do linocut prints instead. But I know we can't bury our heads in the sand, I know we have to face up to this, but it is hard. I like your idea of a book in the sunshine.

Take care xxxxxxx

I’ve just had the list of criteria sent to me by asthma Uk so hopefully you have too now. You need shielding if you’re on the higher doses of steroid preventors and there’s a whole list of other things. If you can’t find it let me know and I’ll send it to you. For me the other ticks are oral steroids twice a year (I have about two chest infections /asthma flare up) twice a year so need prednisolone to resolve it. Also says if you use your blue inhaler more than 3 times a week you need shielding. Under normal conditions I tend not to use it much at all. However, in the current climate I’m using it daily.

It’s very quiet on the roads and streets where I live. Think people are finally taking heed. Hope you manage to relax a bit today xx

Hi thank you! I have looked but I don't think I've had anything from Asthma UK? Can you send it to me? I usually end up on prednisolone at least once a year. I use my blue inhaler at least 3 times a week, especially now! Plus seratide twice daily.

I have been doing school work this morning but am hoping to sit in the garden (with my coat on!) after lunch!

Thank you. x

Yes sure. I’ll try and figure out how to forward it to you...

You can read the criteria then decide. I’m sat outside, but out of the wind and it’s warm! It’s really lovely actually. As soon as I relax I can breathe!! Xx

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Good evening I’ve not had a list either is it possible to put it on a post? Regards

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Hi Wrabness. I’ve tried to copy and paste it, but to no avail! It’s on the main asthma unit website. Earlier today I managed to send the link to recordergirl so if you go back through the thread you should see it on there. Sorry. If you still don’t have any luck let me know and I’ll try again!

Hi recordergirl

agoraphobia and asthma are bad bedfellows as they seem to feed on each other

stay as well as you can - this will pass and you will feel well again

Thank you. I have never experienced agoraphobia before this. Take care.

Well - it is horrid and can only be dealt with by confronting (gradually)

However you might have a temporary thing that will go as fast as it came when the situation becomes normal and the asthma does too

Feel free to contact for a chat if it helps

Thank you! I seem to be in the same group as you. I assume the high risk group you need to tick everything? Or just one? As I take seratide which is on the list, so it is just one then I would be in the top group, which I don't think can be correct?

Reassuring to have something to show my school if necessary though! So thank you!

I think it’s if you take the highest dose of sereride. There is a chart at the bottom with a list of all the drugs and their doses that apply to the shielding plan. I think if you tick just one then it applies to you. However, from what you’ve said I think you need to protect yourself and shield for 12 weeks. We do sound similar! Every time I get a cold it goes to my chest. I end up on antibiotics and prednisolone. It takes weeks for my symbicort preventor to control my symptoms and I’m on a high dose AND I take montelukast at night. I don’t think any respiratory virus is going to be a picnic for us. Your asthma pattern sounds the same. I’m going to stay home as much as I can. I really don’t think you should go anywhere near school if they ask you. We need to be ultra cautious, but be calm at the same time. I’m working on the latter ;)) xx

I’m staying I’m apart from a little walk around the block with my children, my worry is my husband being out working and then coming home to us 😔 xxx

Ditto! Mine is at work today too. I’m going to jet wash him on the drive before he steps foot in the house!! X

🤣🤣 i said exactly the same thing lol, what does he do if you don’t mind me asking? Xxx

Hi Minnie. I replied yesterday, but I can’t see it so not sure if you got it! Thought I’d send another one just incase. My husband runs a manufacturing business. He will work from home mainly, but has to be on site once a week. He has his own office and has been very careful as he’s as paranoid about my asthma as I am. I washed all his clothes as he got home and he showered.

I feel a bit less anxious today now Boris has ramped up measures. I felt as if no one was listening to me a couple of weeks ago. People will have to make changes now.

Another sunny day so have fun in the sun with your girls. Hope you’re feeling ok and not too anxious xx

Hiya, feeling ok today, my doctor gave me another inhaler yesterday to try and I’ve just done a 30 min work out with my girls, I will feel better if my husband stops working but he is a key worker so at the moment has to still go xxx

Yes agreed! I probably am in the second group. I have been on Montelukast in the past but I'm not currently. My seratide probably isn't the highest dose, as I know there are people with far worse asthma than me. BUT I still think I need to be uber cautious. It is going to be harder and harder to get to speak to a GP in the coming weeks and months, to get any clarification, so I am going to keep spouting this at school if I need to.

Absolutely. Spout away. You still need protecting x

I just looked at my seratide - it says two puffs twice a day. So that puts me in the top group, even though I haven't had a letter?

Yes! Sounds like it. Don’t think letters are going out until this week. I haven’t had one. I just had the criteria emailed to me by asthma Uk. Sounds as if you’re in the 12 week category for sure. I’ve found someone to do my food shopping and errands. I’m literally not leaving home now. Hope you can do the same xx

No I’m not going to. Don’t know if I’m even allowed to hug my husband😩😩 He’s still going to the shops!

Glad you’ve found someone to get your things for you😊😊

Do you know if it’s safe to take CBD oil with our asthma medication? I bought some a few months ago for my anxiety but was too scared to take it. Feel like now might be the time!!

Yes I believe it’s fine with asthma. It has been a game changer for me. I swear by it. I use a 10% oil by Natures Aid. Think they vary in their quality. Hopefully you’ve got a good one. It’s very soothing and calming though don’t expect miracles in this stressful climate. I had about three hours sleep last night in total! It’s anti inflammatory so probably a good time to start taking it. Hope it helps take the edge off for you. X

Oh Minniemouse, mine’s worse too but I’m sure it’s stress, which definitely makes my chest tighter.

Your first post says you’re in your 30s with generally well settled asthma. So I’m sure you’re going to be fine. At your age, I’d only be worried if I had uncontrolled asthma or multiple lung conditions. You’ll get through this & before you know it, it’ll all be behind you. Please stop playing that disaster video, the one where your little girls grow up without a mum. It’s not going to happen!!! You’re only thinking like this cos you’re so anxious. Are you a single parent? If so, that makes it worse too. When you find yourself having these morbid thoughts, do something else, anything! Read, watch tv or best of all phone someone for a chat.

Also maybe contact your GP & tell them how this is affecting you. All will be well Minniemouse! 😘😘😘

I have and when you cough or your breathing is laboured everyone looks at you, as if you have the plague.

Worry and stress is one of my triggers and at moment there's enough to worry and stress about.

Yes definitely.

I have been ill with a temperature of 38.2 and flu like symptoms.

I could not get out of bed had no energy

I was told to isolate.

We have 4 people in the house so we are all isolating.

I stated to feel a bit better after 4-5 days but it seems to have come back again with a worse cough.

I thought I had the flu 😷 but I did have the flu injection.

Also my breathing got worse.

The tree pollen is awful even though I'm basically inside 99% of the time. I know my symptoms are flaring from that because I'm also getting eczema on my cheeks and nose which happens with pollen. Could be that even if you're inside-

Exactly - the outside gets inside desoite our best efforts it seems!

I would agree with that; where I live there is a LOT of pollen around and it's driving my post-nasal drip and cough. This time of year is always bad for me, but I don't think it's COVID. Take it easy, allergies are bad enough without having to worry about virus.

Do you suffer from allergies? I'm particularly sensitive to tree pollen and it's made my asthma worse over the last few weeks, it happened last year around the same time and I ended up in A&E. I've been trying to control it by following my asthma plan, but will by phoning GP tomorrow as I can't seem to get it under control - stress is probs not helping 🙄. Not want I want right now that's for sure, but it might be something worth considering for you as well? I'm 33, had asthma since I was 7 and had pretty well controlled asthma/allergies until last year when it flared badly, so came out of the blue a bit. Stay safe and well ❤️

Too much dust can set it off and yes hart fever, I also suffer bad with my sinuses too, I did a 5 minute exercise routine today and that seemed to help a little, it’s just such a worry, will be interesting to see if we get these letters they are sending out tomorrow xx

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