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Find and chat to other parents

Find and chat to other parents

Hi all,

We've just launched a Facebook page for parents. We want to create a specific space for parents of children with asthma to find each other to get advice and support that they might not get anywhere else. We know a lot of parents use Facebook regularly. We'll be hosting nurse Q&As and sharing a lot of content we have for parents waiting for diagnosis to dealing with teenagers with asthma.

You can like or follow it here: facebook.com/asthmaukparents



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This is a great idea - good luck with it. When I was bringing up a young asthmatic son there wasn't even much of an internet but the kind of networking that exists now would have been such a help in the darkest days. If there's anything that those of us with now grown-up kids can do to help, just say so (if only to say there really is light at the end of the tunnel!)


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