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Delayed reaction

Anyone on here have a delayed reaction to a trigger? How long of a delay?

I know I have a bit of a delayed reaction, but sometimes I am not sure if it was a delay or a different trigger. For example, yesterday I was feeling really good and went for a short, 15 minute walk. It was a bit windier than expected so I cut the walk short as cold wind is a trigger (as is exercise, though I was feeling really good that day). If there had been no wind, it would have been a nice, warm day. I had pre-puffed and puffed afterwards just to be sure. That was around 3 in the afternoon. Today, around 9-ish in the morning, I started feel the signs that my asthma was getting bad. Been fighting it alllll day today, and it has not been fun.

I am wondering if it was the walk yesterday, or if it was because I found an unexpectedly funny video earlier this morning that made me laugh pretty hard. Or combination? Is it possible for an asthmatic reaction to be delayed for so long?

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Hi sorry to hear you’re not doing too well atm

The longest delay I think I’ve had is about 2hrs (allergic to cats go round a friends house with cats takes 2-3hrs til I’m definitely triggered).

I would guess it’s a little of both. Most attacks (Unless caused by a severe allergy or obvious onset) are from a culmination of triggers collecting making your asthma tolerance lower each time until something little sets it off.

At least that’s my opinion 😅. Hope that helps. Feel better soon x


That makes sense, actually. I don't have allergies, but I am really sensitive to weather an environment. We are in the middle of remodeling but I haven't noticed any major problems with dust or chemicals (doesn't mean they aren't there) and Thursday, some student was oh-so kind to wear perfume. Add on the weather shifts (cold wind, warm temps, cold nights), the attempt to walk, and then laughing...bam.

I think you might be on to something :)

and thank you.


You’re welcome. I’ve worked out that if I have 1 trigger I get away with 2 puffs of vent, up to 3 together and I need 10 or a neb (depending on the trigger). 5 or more at once and I’ll end up in hospital... unfortunately I seem to have both allergic and non- allergic triggers and they build up very quickly!

Hope this can help you gain back control... sometimes just loosing one trigger can calm everything down!

Look after yourself x


Thank you :) I am taking it easy today now that work is done, so just sitting, enjoying a nice drink, and vegging out haha. I guess I am still vulnerable. The nice weather and the good feeling were misleading lol


Oh yes the trigger build up! And they always ask me what it was in hosp...please let me save my breath and not list them. I can't even work it out half the time so I just blame the weather as a safe bet as I'm like you and very sensitive to the environment etc :D

I have had times where I seem ok in the morning, venture out at lunchtime at work then something gets me (pollution? weather? spray) and I'm suddenly multidosing. I've made it into work with feeling not brilliant but ok to go then just suddenly go right downhill. My asthma nurse looks horrified because I'm leaning on the walls and walking so slowly and he says 'you went into work like this?' I have to say I wasn't like that when I went!

Hope you feel better soon anjyll and manage to avoid more triggers for now.

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haha it seems like I can get quite a build up without noticing. I tend to blame the weather, too haha

wow, we are very similar! I can be great in the morning and then deteriorate like today. Sometimes I am bad in the morning but get better by day.

Sadly, it is really hard to avoid triggers XD Pollution, weather, exercise are the big triggeres for me--so two out of three are just not happening. Fortunately, no class tomorrow so no worries about perfumes and such.

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