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Stool with Blood


Last week, I was diagnosed with respiratory tract infection. A few days after, I had blood in my bowel. It wasn't that many. But when I wiped tissue on my but, there was a fresh blood. I didn't have any menstruation that day. But by the next day, I had. However, even though I had menstruation, still, there's a little blood on my stool. No pain felt at all. I don't feel anything weird. I don't eat salty, sour or spicy foods. Please advise. thank you.

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"A small amount of one-off bleeding from the bottom isn't usually a serious problem. But a GP can check."



It has been occurring for 3 days now. I'll go to the doctor after my menstruation stops. Thank you for the response sir!

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Hi spotting can indicate problems that you need to get checked by a doctor. It's probably nothing but still needs looking at. x


Likely to be a fissure or a pile if from bottom if it's from front then it could have been the start of period being pushed down with BM.


Most likely piles, they are very common


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