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Ravenously hungry/binging before attack

Hi there yesterday evening I had my first attack for about a year. I take two puffs of clenil modulite twice a day, and through the winter months this is enough to keep symptoms at bay. My trigger is mostly tree pollens and rape seed crop.

My question is this, does anyone else get a raging hunger before they have an attack? Because it has been a while I'd forgotten this happens to me before an attack sometimes and wonder if it's just me?! I suddenly crave really high energy foods like peanut butter or sugary foods, within an hour of binging the attack starts.

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Don't know if this is same but for the last week, about 30mins-1hr, after lunch I have suffered from an attack with a tight chest and feel really drained. Have to use my blue reliever to control it. Not eating anything different but possibly over doing the carbs.


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