Hi everyone hope well I've just got back from London Chelsea and Westminster hospital had clinic with the liver specialist looks like Ives acquired liver disease through the steriods I've been taking he has taken 9 bottles of blood to check to c. If it's coming from any other part of me so not good start to the year , got my other cateract operation on Thursday and the lungs there the same bit easier had the sickness bug over new year in bed most day so good start hope everyone else is doing good x

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  • Poor you.. I hope your health improves over the new year Tracey 😊 Xx

  • Hi i'm ok got keep going and make the most of what we have I say some good days some bad but got keep fighting hope I had a good Xmas and a happy new year starting now

  • Bless the nhs for all your treatment. We be stuffed with out the nhs?! I hope and pray all goes well with your cataract operation. Remember what I said my brother in law is an eye surgeon and this is his bread and butter. Glad to hear you are on the up. Any blood left in your arm?! OR As Was Said In Hancock Half Hour They Took A whole Armful. :-)

  • Hi il have no blood left lol my left eye feels worse for it but going to mention it when I c the surgeon on Thursday hope u well and had a nice Xmas a new year a new start x

  • Oh Tracey you poor thing.

    I do hope your health improves.

  • I hope and pray your left eye is better asap Giving blood soon I hope since been on iron tablets always failed two times before.

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