Can you buy and use your medicines in other countries?

Can you buy and use your medicines in other countries?

Salutations, Breathing Brotherhood! I was wondering whether you could start an asthma treatment in one country (talking about Western Europe) and continue in another one. I know there should be no problems since although the name of the medicines may vary, their composition is still the same. Also, if you change doctor he/her may not agree with your treatment or what your previous doctor said to you. You may also have some kind of hassle getting to buy medicines, we all know asthma ones are not a paracetamol, which is not especially expensive. I lived in Britain, moved to Spain, started my treatment there 3 years ago and now I want to come back. I am Spanish originally and hold my British Social Security number. Thank you; every comment is appreciated.

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  • sorry I have no idea as I have never moved to another country....though once you find out.. would be good for everyone else to know this information just in case...good luck!

  • I don't understand people like you given such answers which are not answers after all because completely disregard what the person needs to know can you imagine the anxiety your anwers can bring? people use this space to get answers related to their questions do not waste people's times if you don't know the answer. have some consideration for people who have real problems and are looking for real answers.

  • excuse me? I was just making sure that he knew someone was listening... and do you think your answer helped at all? no just make someone feel bad for saying something...... did you provide some information or helpful advice? don't think so... I will now end this conversation

  • That's ok, I don't bother. Please don't fight. I do appreciate your concern and understood your intention. Regards.

  • That's ok, I don't bother. Please don't fight. I know asthma may make us feel desperate, I have also been in that situation in which you don't know what to do, so many sleepless nights and winters. Don't let you be taken by the Dark side of it. Regards.

  • Ty Joseph and sorry about this I didn't mean to offend you :)

  • That's nothing at all. In any way I thought you offended me. All the best. Can I ask you, how is dealing with asthma in your city? -which I don't know-. All the best (the sequel).

  • lol (the sequel) here its ok.... I have very good Drs who know my asthma pretty well...I think medication is pretty much the same anywhere.. though they tend to give you the cheapest option... so unless you want to go privately to get better meds.. you just have to take the cheaper options... but I think Salmeterol (Salbutamol) is universal... I have seen several Consultants and each time my meds have changed.... so it depends on the consultant about what treatment may work for you.. and asthma of course can change too....hope it all goes ok for you.. and you don't have too much hassle seeing a Dr or a consultant about your asthma... (though a referral to a consultant here can take months unless you have been in hospital)... good luck!

  • Awesome answer. Thank you very much. Yes, I suppose so. I started consulting my doctor but since it didn't work I had to go privately. I've been seeing a private alergologist in Seville for 3 years now. I have to admit that I am much better now than in 2015. That was the worst year of my life. 2014-2015 simply I couldn't sleep. Now, that's what I would call a nightmare. I'm thinking about moving back to Britain, hence the origin of my "investigations" :-p I wish you well. :-D

  • I'm British and moved to Sweden. I've had no problems what so ever. Take a copy of your medical notes or get the dr to write a letter in English. Take a copy of blood results and spirometry if you've had it done. Always helps.

  • Thank you, much appreciated. :-) Actually I was thinking about spending some time in Sweden, too. Can I ask you whether you had any kind of problem regarding asthma treatment? Regards.

  • When I was a kid I moved to the UK with an asthma diagnosis, and i think it went ok. Don't remember exactly, but the first GP Met was pretty stupid about it. I remember she listened to my chest once and said it was clear, so no need to continue treatment. Then my mom went crazy on her, so I got referred to a specialist (I was with one before I moved to the UK), who was great. He switched me from advair to symbicort, and I had regular checkups with spirometry. When I moved from the UK he gave me a letter which explained my treatment, and attached some test results to give to my new dr. When I moved to the UK I was given 3 months of inhalers incase it took some time to settle.

    I guess I would recommend you take your entire medical journal with you from Spain. I did not do than when I moved from the UK, which I regret, because I stupidly lost the letter my UK dr gave me.

  • Thank you for your answer. I had the same experience as you, my first Dr found no major hassle and just prescribed two inhalers (the typical ventolin kind); I talked to a specialist and am following a treatment which really works. Regards.

  • Do you pay for your medication? What I do is to take empty medicine box/bottle and go to the local doctor and explain the my medication from UK has finished and I need to buy more medication locally, could you please let me have a prescription to buy medication , there is a cost, simple!

  • Thanks for your comment. Yes, I do the same, the specialist gives me a letter with the treatment and then I go to my doctor to provide me with the proper prescription of the medicines. Otherwise they are really expesive, but you do not know what another doctor from another country will say to you until you live the exprience. Regards.

  • OK, When I was in Singapore I had pain on my left foot, big toe. I was looking after my brother who is a doctor and was in hospital. My brother's friends were giving me different advice. I went to a high street doctor who gave me medication like UK. Also took blood for testing, uric acid!

    Similar problem in India, high street doctor did not want to offer any checking or medication and suggested to wait till I go back to UK.

    I have worked id many different countries and have different experience, now I am retired.

  • Well, what can I say? Congratulations!!! You have quite a story to tell!! The good thing is thanks to all that experience you know what to do and what to expect. But in the end you had your medication for the most part, right? All the best.

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