Sorry this is just a rant here, when I was discharged from a stay at my local hospital in Dec due to a fairly severe attack, my consultant said he'd see me in January, no appointment ever came despite myself and my gp ringing pretty constantly because although I've managed to stay out of hospital I've still not been great. Finally relieved an appointment yesterday; for June!

They just told me back in October my asthma is brittle, I've been in and out of hospital despite being on 40mg of pred etc. I've got to the point where I've just lost faith in my consultant now. It's almost like he thinks "well I don't why we can't control it, so just live with it"

I was told I was being referred to Brompton and that's not appearing to have happened either.

And yet when I do see him and question him on things he just manages to turn it round and makes you feel stupid, and my dad has been with me before and after he left my dad said, "I'm not really sure what just happened there" so I know it's not just me (which I am sure is what my dad thought before lol).

I've been tempted many times to find out if I can see someone else, but whenever your admitted as an emergency you see him or his team before discharge so I worry what would happen the next time I am admitted.

Anyway I feel a bit less like I want to scream now! Sorry for such a whine!


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  • Sounds like a breakdown in communication between consultant and clerical staff - difficult to know who to blame. Unclear instructions from the consultant who has then gone on to forget what he said (after all you are one of very many patients he will be seeing) or clerical assistants not taking note of his instructions which should be fairly clear from your notes.

    Do you know if your consultant sent a letter to your GP after you last saw him reporting on what his decisions concerning your condition were? If he did, and that letter states when he next wants to see you, or gives information on the Brompton referral, ask for a copy of it (which I believe you are entitled to have if you want it). You can then use it as evidence when dealing with that unit.

    Sadly, you are not alone in experiencing problems like this. Nor is it confined to respiratory medicine. Something similar has happened to me (for a very different medical condition which had nothing to do with the lungs) and on that occasion it was very definitely down to the clerical staff.

  • I feel your need to rant .I understand the made to feel "stupid"

    Which we are NOT by far they are the "stupid "

    Ones for being unable to answer our questions rather than saying "I don't know " bed side manner so to speak seems to have been lost some where along the way don't get me wrong I'm no way suggesting all consultants Gps etc are like this but sometimes we have the miss fortune of meeting one .I thought for a while that it was in my head all of it the breathless the tiredness the attacks all

    because of one consultant That sat all high

    And mighty in his office looking down on me making me feel "stupid "for even opening my mouth . We have a right to feel comfortable and trust the people assigned to care for our health you must stand up for your self and if that means requesting ten different consultants till you find the right one for you so be it .. Just think if it wasn't for us they wouldn't have a job 😉

  • Maybe the last sentence was a little harsh ( just re living my experience ) we also have to think we are lucky that people have wanted to take years of training hard work and determination to qualify in this field maybe the correct thing to say is we need to have a little bit of give and take from either side just hard when your in " rant mode " . I hope it all works out for you in the end good luck x

  • I recently told a consultant (not of respiratory medicine) of two occasions (out of two) where I had disagreed with specialist registrars (again, not of respiratory medicine) - on both occasions they were proved wrong and I was proved right. The consultant I told the tale to replied "That would have been because they hadn't learnt to listen". Not the most reassuring of responses. Great - we sometimes get fobbed off on doctors (who by the time they have reached the stage of being registrars will have gone through many years of training) who haven't learnt to listen to their patients! Any doctors (or medical students) reading this please take note: not listening to your patient may have serious consequences. You are not the only expert in the room: the patient is the expert in what they have been going through - not you!! So listen to what they have to say!!!

  • You have the right to a second opinion. Know your rights and ask for one. Remember it's us that pay his wages and it's not a privilege to see a consultant. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is what it needs and I can't think the dr will hold a grudge your are just one of his many patients. Good luck.

  • And you have good reason too!! How awful i'd report him and ask for a change. Very difficult to get into the Brompton I tried that too no luck. The Asthma UK nurse told me there are 7 tiertary hospitals we are entitled to, try to phone them and ask for details. Good luck.

  • Worth getting hold of a copy of the hospital discharge letter from December and take things from there! Sometimes the medical team put one thing and the administrators do something entirely different. Is there an asthma nurse at your hospital, they may be able to help and also your consultant's secretary may be able to look into things for you and see what has happened about your appointment; and should also be able to get you a copy of the discharge letter!

    You could always ask GP to refer you onto another specialist, another hospital

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