Peak flow! :)

Guess what guys!!! I feel utter crap which is seeming normal to me for a long time now but by the looks of it I'm getting better but I don't feel it tbf... Just checked my peak flow.... and its at!!!..... 200!!!! YAY! I haven't been able to blow that high since way before Christmas!! My normal is 350+ and my best is 460... Still really rubbish but it's a big achievement as the way I'm feeling at the moment I didn't think I could get passed 150! Don't think my lungs like the excitement of getting 200 haha.

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  • Glad things are moving in the right direction. I find if I have been unwell for a while it can take quite a while to feel better. I think the body gets exhausted fighting infections. Not scientific - just what I think! Hope you feel better soon .

  • Glad you are getting better.

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