Prednisolone & a Banana

Just a little note to anyone taking Prednisolone (steroids) both short term and long term like me. Prednisolone as we know has dreadful side affects.. Here's a positive..It is very beneficial to eat a banana just after taking your Prednisolone. Prednisolone strips your potassium which is vital to healing the poorly chest...but hey eating a banana balances your potassium..

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  • Wow did not know that but always have fresh fruit for breakfast will now make sure I always include a banana thanks Helen909 ♥♥♥

  • Your so welcome really works , helping to instantly replace and rebalance your potassium levels (which pred strips you of) soon as i take my pred, i have a banana straight away..have a great weekend..Helen x

  • Thanks for that I eat a lot of bananas have good day x

  • Have a lovely sunny day too Tracey..Helen x

  • Prednisilone is not known for lowering your potassium and having taken it for over 9 years continuously and taken on and off for over 15 yearsI have never heard of it lowering potassium.

    However in asthma which is not controlled and particularly those with severe asthma using a lot of bronchodilators such as nebs QDS etc this will reduce you potassium and therefore supplementation is needed in this instance and if on IV beta antagonists.


  • Thanks for that info helen0909. I knew bananas had potassium but never thought about it that way.

  • It is high doses of Ventolin which can reduce your potassium levels in your blood...

    Prednisolone has other side effects, hypokalaemia is not one of them...

  • The information came direct from a Chest Consultant. I thought it may prove helpful. It certainly has helped my levels and i have been on Prednisolone for years I really wish i hadn't mentioned it!

  • Thanks for the tip, I'm not a banana fan but in my leaflet it does state lowered potassium levels as a side effect :) so I might try it if I get another course.

  • I hope this helps should you ever need the boost..Helen x

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