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Ban smoking at London's bus stops - petition!

As someone with bad lungs, I find it really difficult to breathe when people are smoking at bus stops. I've tried asking people to stop smoking at bus stops - but often they say it's their legal right to smoke there. And you can't just move away from them because often it's raining or you might lose your place in the queue. It's even worse for our kids.

So here's our petition calling for a ban in smoking at all London bus shelters -

Please sign if you find smoking at bus stops a problem.

The English public smoking ban doesn't extend to bus shelters that aren't more than half enclosed i.e. most bus shelters in London. However, TfL can ban smoking and require 'No Smoking' signs in all London bus shelters. Many cities do this in their own areas.

This matters because 3 years after the public smoking ban, a study showed there were ~6,800 fewer hospital admissions for childhood asthma. The public smoking ban now has widespread support – a 2012 poll revealed 78% of adults were in favour. There has been a 2.4% national fall in hospital admissions for heart attacks as a result of the ban - equivalent to 1,200 fewer annual admissions.

Hopefully we can get smoking stopped at bus stops in London - making it better for all those with lung and heart problems.

Thank you for reading this.

(PS: I apologise if this is inappropriate here - I had a look at the forum rules and it just rules out commercial posts, rather than grassroots campaigns. Please delete if I've done something wrong!)

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Hmm hadn't realised it was illegal at any of them, even the enclosed ones! I definitely notice it and think ok you need to stand in the rain, not me if you're going to do that.

I did discover smoking sets me off more than expected, and given London buses turn up on a random schedule it feels like I spend more time at the stop than I want. With the smokers.

(Oddly, not against smoking per's up to them, But please, be considerate! And it is easier if there's a sign you can point to).


This is a pet hate of mine, the ban needs to be enforced.


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