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Use of Spacers


I am an ex respiratory nurse specialist with 12 years of experience.

All my reading, studying & research about asthma has led me to totally believe that the use of spacers is of major importance in the good management of both children's and adult asthma.

I truly believe from all my work with asthma that just getting people to use their spacer (preferably the large on for their ICS) would have a great impact on their control and good health.

So why do so many picture I see on the media, on line etc show a person (usually a child for the impact!) using a pMDI DIRECTLY into their mouth when there is research based evidence that is it not the good way to inhale the drug? It beggars belief that this has not been stopped.

In light of the latest NRAD report in May of this year, I want to campaign to get everyone, including professionals to get patients to use them & to move them on to a breath activated/hand held device for the short term reliever for when they are out and about.

Over the years, this small change has been demonstrated to me time and time again to have a major positive impact on patients quality of life. This would go a long way to saving money as well as lives, which after all we all want.

Thanks for the opportunity to air my concerns.

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