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Recovery after severe attack

Any ideas how long I can expect my daughter to take to recover after a severe attack?? She ended up in HDU 9 days ago and is still wiped out. Her lungs are still twitchy I think as she is very up and down still. Literally hour to hour she changes. She's home now and I don't want to push her at all but I also want to know if I need to be worried.....

She's only 5 and she isn't fab at letting me know how she feels..I think she is trying to lead as normal life as possible and doesn't want any fuss!!

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Oh Emily,

I am sorry to hear what you are going through. I am sad to say I have no definitive answers to your questions. My daughter has has many bad attacks from an early age and I what I have learned about this terribly frustrating illness is that no two attacks and recovery are the same. It is such an unpredictable condition from how it presents itself to how they recover.

All I can say is watch and take your ques from your little one. When she wants to eat, let her eat, when she has energy, let her use and engage it, if she's wiped out, snuggle up. However, there is a difference between her resting and healing to when she needs extra help, you will know Emily, trust your Mummy instinct, it won't let you down.

Have the hospital given you a telephone number you can call for advice after discharge? Normally, in my area its only 48hours but if you are worried call your Asthma nurse, my daughter's has always been a great source of support. or perhaps the helpline via Asthma Uk?

Take care of you too, I know how exhausting it is looking after a child with Asthma and you must look after yourself as well.

Kind regards

LouLou xx



Thank you so much for your reply.

I guess that's kind of what I'm doing with regards to letting her set the pace. This was the worst attack to date and I'm now left on tenterhooks more than I've ever been.

We have constant open access at the hospital and have bleep numbers for both her consultants so we have support....but that's the practical support.

How old is your daughter and is she now managed/stable??

You're so right when you say this is an unpredictable condition..Maddie has had lots of attacks but this one was different in every way. :(

Thanks again for replying.


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